Thursday, September 8, 2022

Daily Login Rewards, Double XP and Weekend AP Boosts!

Daevas, this week, we’re bringing rewards just for doing what you do best—having fun! With a Daily Login event, and double XP boost, you’ll be leveling up and raking in plenty of rewards. We’ve also put a little cherry on top of the event – we're bringing back the AP Boost to sweeten your weekend. 

1. Daily Login Reward 

Event Dates: September 7 – September 28 

Daevas new and old, rejoice! Every day you log in and play Aion Classic during this event, you will be rewarded with amazing coins that can be traded for wonderful delights. What’s more, there’s no requirement to how you play the game—just head into the world and have fun! These new [Event] Starlight Coins are not only just a reward for having fun in-game, but also can be used to purchase items from a specific merchant for the event. 

New Coin 
[Event] Starlight Coin 

How to Obtain [Event] Starlight Coin(s): 

Receiving coins is easy! They are awarded simply on how much time is spent logged into the game. 

Login Rewards 

Time in-game Coins Obtained 
60m (1hr) 
120m (2hr) 
180m (3hr) 
300m (5hr) 15 
Total 35 


To spend your bounty, seek out the Merchant NPC, Panikerinerk, a merchant located in Pandemonium and Sanctum.

Merchant Offerings 

Item Name Qty Coins Limit 
Wardrobe Slot Expansion Ticket 600 1 per week 
[Event] Festival Crown Box 40 2 per week 
[Event] Festival Enchantment Stone Box 60 2 per week 
[Event] Box of Balic Materials 15 5 per week 
[Event] Rookie Weapon Selection Box 10 1 per week 
[Event] Lodas's Lucky Charm 10 per week 
[Event] Lv60 Manastone Selection Box 80 1 per week 
[Event] Dungeon Time Scroll Selection Box 15 1 per week 
[Event] Fine Power Shard Gift Box (200) 10 7 per week 
[Event] Chantra Dredgion Time Scroll 20 1 per week 
[Event] Tiak Research Center Time Scroll 20 1 per week 
[Event] Recovery Crystal 2 per week 
[Event] Tombstone of Revival 10 2 per week 

2. EXP Boost & Weekend AP Boost  

Event Dates: September 7 – September 28 

Tackle the dangers facing Atreia during the event period, and you’ll not only give a boost to your Experience, but you’ll be able to take advantage of an extra oomph to your AP over the weekends.  

  • XP x2 Boost Dates: 
  • September 7 – September 28 
  • Weekend AP x2 Boost Dates: 
  • September 9 – September 11 
  • September 16 – September 18 
  • September 23 – September 25

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