Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Black Friday Has Come Early to Aion Classic!

 Duration: Nov. 16 – Nov 30 

We know you’ve been saving up your Quna, Daevas, and the time has come to take advantage of a great sale! We’re marking down a ton of items and bundles in the Quna store for Black Friday a whole week early! Grab Soda Candy, Cosmetics, bundles or even a motion card at a discount! Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the next week or simply enjoying the crisp winter air outside of the US, take advantage of these great prices until Nov. 30th!  

Store Update 

Product Name Item Name Qty Quna Sale End Limit 
Iced Soda Form Candy Selection Box Iced Soda Form Candy Selection Box 60 11/30  
Iced Soda Form Candy Selection Box (x11) Iced Soda Form Candy Selection Box 11 600 11/30  
Orange Soda Form Candy Selection Box Orange Soda Form Candy Selection Box 60 11/30  
Orange Soda Form Candy Selection Box (x11) Orange Soda Form Candy Selection Box 11 600 11/30  
Heartless Butler Outfit Bundle Heartless Butler Outfit 650 11/30  
Heartless Butler Hairpin  
[Motion Card] Hand Fan [Motion Card] Hand Fan 300 11/30  
Impressive Leather Outfit Impressive Leather Outfit 700 11/30  
Wardrobe Slot Expansion Bundle (3x) Wardrobe Slot Expansion Ticket 1000 11/30  
Fierce Midnight Tiger Special Bundle Fierce Midnight Tiger Outfit 1000 11/30  
Fierce Midnight Tiger Hairpin 
Novice's Stigma Package 1 Novice's Stigma Package 1 320 11/30 1 per account 
Novice's Stigma Package 2 Novice's Stigma Package 2 200 11/30  

Black Friday Sale 

Bundle Item Name Quantity Quna Sale End Limit Info Notes 
Tough Pink Tiger Candy 3-pack (x10) 
Tough Pink Tiger Candy 3-pack 10 360 11/30 10/week/account 20% off 
Transparent Form Candy 3-pack (x10) Transparent Form Candy 3-pack 10 480 11/30 10/week/account 20% off 
I Am Yours Bundle “I Am Yours” Couple’s Shirt 400 11/30  20% off 
Bear Ear Headband 
Beatific Set Bundle Beatific Outfit 520 11/30  20% off 
Beatific Hairpin 
Cool Swimsuit Bundle Cool Swimsuit 520 11/30  
20% off 
Cool Swimsuit Cap 
Uptown Apparel Bundle Uptown Apparel 520 11/30  20% off 
Neat Hat 
Animal Pajamas Bundle Animal Pajamas 720 11/30  10% off 
Animal Pajama Wings 
Meow Cat Bundle Meow Cat Outfit 520 11/30  20% off 
Meow Cat Hairpin 
Vibrant Swimsuit Bundle Vibrant Swimsuit 520 11/30  20% off 
Vibrant Swimming Cap 
Silver Daru Bundle Silver Daru Fur Tunic 520 11/30  20% off 
Silver Daru Fur Cap 
Black Friday Celebration Bundle Turkey Hunt Wing (30 days) Box 11/30 1/account FREE*
Turkey Hunt Gift Box 

*Turkey Hunt Gift Box allows you to choose between '[Event] Elite Centurion's Shoulder plates/Gloves/Shoes Selection box' or 'x5 Major Ancient Crown' 

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