Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Kick off 2023 with Daeva Pass Season 4!

 Aion Online, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has announced the launch of its fourth Daeva Pass season. The new season, set to kick off in 2023, promises to offer players a host of new challenges and rewards.

The Daeva Pass is a seasonal event that allows players to earn special rewards and bonuses by completing various in-game tasks. These tasks include completing dungeons, participating in player-vs-player (PvP) battles, and completing daily quests. The more tasks players complete, the more rewards they can earn.

The fourth season of the Daeva Pass will feature a new set of rewards, including exclusive items, gear, and other bonuses. Players will also be able to earn special emotes, mounts, and other cosmetic items that can only be obtained by participating in the event.

In addition to the new rewards, the fourth season of the Daeva Pass will also introduce new challenges for players to complete. These challenges will test players' skill and determination, and will reward them with special bonuses and rewards.

Players who participate in the fourth season of the Daeva Pass will also have the opportunity to earn special currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items and gear from the in-game store. This currency can only be earned by participating in the event, making it a valuable reward for dedicated players.

The fourth season of the Daeva Pass is set to kick off in 2023, and players are encouraged to start preparing for the event now. With new rewards and challenges to be had, this season promises to be one of the most exciting yet. So, gather your friends and gear up for an epic adventure in Aion Online's fourth Daeva Pass season.

Here’s some of the rewards you can expect from Season 4:   

Type   Free Pass  Premium Pass  
Mount   x   Scooter (30 Days) Box 
Utility   Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard   Oath Tablet   Ultimate Memory Shard   Ultimate Breath of Transformation   
Manastone   Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box   [BCM] Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box   
Pets   x   [BCM] Gold Inquin Egg (30 Days)   
Empyrean Lord's Holy Water   x   Empyrean Lord's Holy Water   
Title   x   [Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days)   


Newly Added: Daeva Pass Season 4 Jewel Box 

The following items can be obtained from the Daeva Pass Season 4 Jewel Box:   

Bundle   Item   Qty   
Daeva Pass Season 4 Jewel Box    Daeva Pass Season 4 Attack Jewel   1   
Daeva Pass Season 4 Defense Jewel   1   


Collection Name   Collection Register Item   Collection Effect   
Daeva Pass Season 4 Attack Increase   Daeva Pass Season 4 Attack Jewel   Physical Attack +100, Magic Attack +100   
Daeva Pass Season 4 Defense Increase   Daeva Pass Season 4 Defense Jewel   Physical Defense +100, Magic Defense +100   


As always, if you upgrade from a free to a premium pass, you will obtain both sets of rewards. We hope you enjoy these additional changes to this season’s Daeva Pass! For any additional feedback, please chart your course to the official Aion forums and leave your suggestions.   

Thank you!

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