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Aion's Daeva Pass Season 11: A Spring of Exciting Rewards

 Aion, the popular MMORPG, is ushering in the spring season with its Daeva Pass Season 11. From July 25 to August 22, players can participate in this exciting promotion, which offers a range of free and premium rewards, including the new Exciting Trip Outfit Set. This season promises to bring a fresh wave of excitement to the game.

Aion Daeva Pass Season 11

Daeva Pass Season 11

Daeva Pass Season 11 allows players to claim free rewards through the regular pass. For an enhanced experience, players can upgrade to the Premium Pass and gain access to exclusive Premium Rewards. The highlight of this season's Daeva Premium Pass is the Exciting Trip Outfit Set, a must-have for any fashion-conscious Daeva.

Rewards Galore

The rewards for this season are plentiful and varied. They range from costumes like the Exciting Trip Outfit Set to mounts like the Scooter (30 Days) Box. Utility items such as the Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard and the Oath Tablet are also up for grabs. Additionally, players can acquire manastones, pets, Empyrean Lord's Holy Water, and the [Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days).

Item Collection

In addition to the rewards, players can also collect items for two new collections: Daeva Pass Season 11 Attack Increase and Daeva Pass Season 11 Defense Increase. These collections provide significant boosts to physical and magic attack and defense, enhancing the player's combat capabilities.

Item Removal

Players should note that certain items will be removed during maintenance on August 22. These items include the Spring Day Transformation Shard and the Spring Day Transformation Shard Bundle. Players are advised to use these items before the removal date.


Aion's Daeva Pass Season 11 offers players a unique opportunity to enhance their gaming experience with a plethora of rewards. Whether it's donning a new outfit, riding a new mount, or boosting your combat capabilities, there's something for everyone. As the season unfolds, players can look forward to more exciting opportunities and rewards.

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