Thursday, August 10, 2023

Celebrate the Season with Aion's Summer Festival Bundle I! ☀️🎉

The sun is shining, the skies are clear, and Aion is here to make your summer even more vibrant with its latest offering: the Summer Festival Bundle I. As the festival vibes take over Atreia, this bundle is your ticket to a summer filled with fun, adventure, and a dash of magic!

Unveiling the Summer Treasures

From August 8 to August 22, players have the golden opportunity to grab the Summer Festival Bundle I, a collection of items that are as diverse as they are useful. Whether you're gearing up for a major battle or simply looking to enhance your in-game experience, this bundle has something for everyone. Here's a glimpse of the treasures that await:

  • Platinum Medal x3: Coveted medals that can be used for various in-game benefits.
  • Major Ancient Crown x3: A crown that holds significant power and prestige.
  • [Event] Chantra Dredgion Time Scroll x5: Extend your time in the Chantra Dredgion with these handy scrolls.
  • Brilliant Manastone Selection Box x5: Choose from a selection of manastones to boost your equipment's stats.
  • Lv85-90 Enchantment Stone Box x5: Enhance your gear with these powerful enchantment stones.

A Steal of a Deal!

All these fabulous items can be yours for just 1600 Quna. But remember, summer is fleeting, and so is this offer. The sale wraps up on August 22, so ensure you snag your bundle and make the most of the summer festivities in Atreia!

Conclusion: Dive into the Festivities with Aion!

The Summer Festival Bundle I is a testament to Aion's dedication to making every season memorable for its players. As the festival drums beat and the lanterns light up the skies of Atreia, let this bundle be your festive companion. Here's to a summer of joy, camaraderie, and epic adventures in the world of Aion! 🌟🎊

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