Thursday, November 16, 2023

Harvest Season Special: Aion's Autumn Rice Cake Event Brings Delicious Challenges and Rewards

 Aion's Autumn Rice Cake Event is an engaging seasonal activity that requires players to gather various ingredients through different quests to create the unique [Event] Honey Songpyeon. Here's a breakdown of the event:

  1. [Event] Honey: Players can acquire daily quests from NPCs and engage in PvP activities to collect [Event] Honey by eliminating members of the opposing race​​.
  2. [Event] Rice Flour: This ingredient is obtainable through mission-specific quests in the Apsaranta Dispatch Quest. Players need to complete daily operational field quests for each corps to collect [Event] Rice Flour​​.
  3. [Event] Pine Needles: These are found in instanced dungeons, such as the Heart of Apsaranta and Altar of Ascension (Normal), and Primeth's Forge and Infernal Drakenspire Depths (Hard). Clearing these dungeons rewards players with [Event] Pine Needles in addition to the usual dungeon loot​​.

Once all the ingredients are collected, players can create the [Event] Honey Songpyeon by combining 5 [Event] Honey, 1 [Event] Rice Flour, and 2 [Event] Pine Needles. This item can be used on a target to inflict damage​​​​.

Additionally, players can interact with NPC Sweetsong for a chance to obtain high-value items like the Regent Garb costume, and with NPC Bluenight to get an [Event] Ornate Songpyeon Basket, which contains various random items​​​​.

Be sure to participate before the items get removed during the maintenance on December 5, wh

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