Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Aion Online's 'Advent of the Lord of Light and Darkness' Promotion: December 2023


Introduction: A Transformative Event in Aion Retail

Aion Online is set to captivate its players with the 'Advent of the Lord of Light and Darkness' promotion, running from December 5th to December 19th, 2023. This event in Aion Retail offers players the chance to obtain Ariel and Azphel Ultimate Transformation Contracts, along with a variety of other transformation contracts, through the Black Cloud Marketplace.

The Ultimate Transformation Opportunity

  • Ariel and Azphel Contracts: For the first time, players have the opportunity to obtain the highly coveted Ariel and Azphel Ultimate Transformation Contracts, enhancing their gameplay experience significantly.
  • Variety of Transformation Contracts: The promotion includes Greater, Ancient, Legendary, and Ultimate Transformation Contracts, providing a range of options for players to enhance their characters.

Sales Details: Light and Darkness Transformation Boxes

  • Ultimate Transformation Box: The [BCM] Light and Darkness Ultimate Transformation Box comes in 12 types, giving players a chance to obtain one of the ultimate transformations.
  • Re-roll Option: Players have the option to re-roll the contents of the Ultimate Transformation Box up to three times using the [BCM] Light and Darkness Golden Key.
  • Re-roll Mechanics: Each re-roll (Disassemble) requires one [BCM] Light and Darkness Golden Key.

Additional Transformation Contract Types

  • Greater Transformation Contract (52 Types): This contract offers a chance to obtain one of 52 different greater transformations.
  • Special Grade Transformation Contract (36 Types): Players can also opt for the Special Grade Transformation Contract, featuring 36 types of transformations.
  • Ultimate Transformation Box (12 Types): The Ultimate Transformation Box offers 12 different types of ultimate transformations, providing a significant boost to player abilities.

Conclusion: A Chance to Transform in Aion Online

The 'Advent of the Lord of Light and Darkness' promotion in Aion Online presents a unique opportunity for players to transform their gameplay experience. With a variety of transformation contracts available, including the highly sought-after Ariel and Azphel contracts, players have the chance to significantly enhance their characters' abilities. This event is a testament to Aion Online's commitment to providing engaging and dynamic content for its player base.

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