Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Aion Online's Luminarie Masquerade Store Update: Dazzling Attire for December 2023


Introduction: Magical Elegance in Aion Retail

Aion Online is bringing a touch of magic to its Black Cloud Marketplace with the Luminarie Masquerade Store Update. From December 5th to December 19th, 2023, players in Aion Retail can adorn themselves in enchanting outfits that blend everyday elegance with radiant illumination.

The Luminarie Masquerade Outfits

  • Dual Nature of the Costumes: These unique costumes, showcased during the last GM Buff Events, have captivated players with their dual nature. While appearing as typical attire at rest, they transform into luminous, radiant outfits during battle.
  • Popularity Among Players: The interest shown by players during the event has led to the release of these magical outfits in the Black Cloud Marketplace, allowing everyone to experience their splendor.

Sales Details: Exquisite Outfits and Accessories

  • Luminarie Masquerade Sets: The Black Cloud Marketplace now features the Luminarie Masquerade Sets, which include:
    • Luminarie Masquerade Hairpin
    • Luminarie Masquerade Outfit
    • Luminarie Masquerade Wings
  • Pricing and Availability: Each item in the set is priced at 4200 Black Cloud Coins (BCC) and will be available for purchase until December 19th.

Conclusion: A Festive Transformation in Aion Online

The Luminarie Masquerade Store Update offers Aion players a chance to immerse themselves in the festive spirit with outfits that are both elegant and magically transformative. These exquisite costumes provide an opportunity for players to stand out in the world of Aion, showcasing their style in both everyday scenarios and the heat of battle. As the holiday season approaches, the Luminarie Masquerade outfits are set to add a touch of wonder and splendor to the adventures in Aion Online.

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