Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Aion Online's Winter Holiday Celebration: Exciting Events and Rewards in December 2023


Aion Online is bringing the festive spirit to its players with the Winter Holiday Celebration in December 2023. The game's worlds of Sanctum and Pandemonium have been transformed into winter wonderlands, setting the stage for a series of exciting events and rewards.

Challenge for Victory: Empyrean Lord's Agent Battle

  • Event Duration: From December 5th to December 19th, players can participate in the Empyrean Lord's Agent Battle in Aion Classic.
  • Rewarding Victories: Winning the battle in Inggison on December 8th and Gelkmaros on December 15th guarantees a 100% chance of obtaining an Irkala's Illusion Weapon Drop. These extendable weapons include various types like swords, maces, daggers, greatswords, polearms, staves, and more.

Winter Instance 100% Drop Boost Event

  • Boosted Drops: During the event, players will enjoy a 100% drop rate for reward items when defeating named boss monsters in specific instance dungeons.
  • Dungeons and Monsters: The dungeons include Beshmundir Temple (Normal/Hard), Padmarashka's Cave, and Dragon Lord's Throne: Telos. Each dungeon features unique bosses like Stormwing, Padmarashka, and Tiamat.

Reward Details: Weapons, Armors, and More

  • Beshmundir Temple Rewards: In the Normal mode, players can obtain one of 17 Vorpal Weapons. The Hard mode offers Stormwing Armors, Vorpal Weapons, Stormwing Weapons, and a guaranteed Storm Wing Feather drop.
  • Padmarashka's Cave Loot: Defeating Padmarashka rewards players with Raging Weapons, Eternal Armors, and Padmarashka Amors, each with a 100% drop rate.
  • Throne of Dragonlord: Telos Treasures: This dungeon offers a 100% drop rate for Godstones, Pacification Weapons, Stigmas, and the Young Dragon Lord's Wings.

Conclusion: A Festive Season Full of Rewards

The Winter Holiday Celebration in Aion Online is a delightful opportunity for players to immerse themselves in festive-themed events and reap bountiful rewards. With the transformation of Sanctum and Pandemonium into holiday-themed areas and the promise of guaranteed drops from challenging battles, December 2023 in Aion Online is shaping up to be a memorable and rewarding experience for all players.

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