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Aion Classic's 90-Day Siel's Aura: New Bonuses and Rewards in January 2024


Aion Classic, the celebrated MMORPG that has captivated players with its unique blend of story and action, is kicking off the new year with an enticing offer for its dedicated community. The game's latest announcement introduces a renewed package for the 90-Day Siel's Aura, providing players with not just extended gameplay benefits but also an array of additional bonus items.

Siel's Aura Subscription: A Gateway to Enhanced Gameplay

Siel's Aura is a subscription service in Aion Classic that significantly boosts players' experience within the game. It unlocks the full potential of gameplay in Atreia, offering additional experience points, increased drop rates, and several other in-game advantages. Players who opt for the 90-Day Siel's Aura will now receive even more rewards, making their journey through the game more rewarding and exciting.

The Enhanced 90-Day Package and Its Benefits

The 90-Day Siel's Aura package, available from January 16, 2024, includes several bonus items aimed at elevating players' in-game experience:

  1. [Event] 5 Major Ancient Crown Box: Enhances the player's ability to acquire unique and powerful items.
  2. Black Gold Medal: A prestigious decoration awarded for excellence in siege warfare, adding to the player's accolades.
  3. Tin Narky Egg (90 days): Offers an additional 22-slot storage, providing players with more space to store their valuable items and resources.
  4. [Event][Title Card] Siel's Chosen Daeva (30 days): This title card not only adds a layer of prestige to the player's character but also boosts movement speed by 3%, flight speed by 3%, attack speed by 3%, and casting speed by 3%.

Boosting Player Experience in Sieges and Beyond

The Black Gold Medal, a key component of the package, is specially designed to honor players who exhibit outstanding performance in siege warfare. This addition reflects Aion Classic's commitment to enhancing player experiences in various aspects of the game, including its competitive elements.

Conclusion: A Rewarding Start to 2024

Aion Classic's renewal of the 90-Day Siel's Aura package offers an attractive proposition for both existing and new players. With its additional bonuses and enhanced gameplay benefits, the package is an excellent way for players to start the new year, providing them with the tools and resources needed to explore Atreia more effectively.

For more information on the 90-Day Siel's Aura and to take advantage of these new offerings, visit the Aion Classic website.

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