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Aion Online's Frozen Magic: Ice Orb Promotion - Enchant, Collect, and Win!


Aion Online, the dynamic MMORPG, is starting 2024 with a frosty and thrilling event: the Frozen Magic: Ice Orb Promotion. From January 16 to February 6, players have the chance to collect and enchant Ice Orbs to unlock amazing rewards. The event presents an intriguing mix of challenge and opportunity, promising an engaging experience for players.

How to Acquire Ice Orbs

There are multiple ways for players to gather Ice Orbs during the event:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Players receive one Ice Orb per day after logging in for an hour.
  • Instance Boss Drops: Defeating bosses in specific instances rewards the entire party with Ice Orbs.
  • Black Cloud Marketplace: Players can obtain one free Ice Orb daily and purchase a 5-pack of Ice Orbs for the price of one, limited to one purchase per day.
  • Prestige Pass Holders: These players receive additional Ice Orbs every 30 minutes, up to 24 daily, leveraging the benefits of the Prestige Pass.

Enchanting Ice Orbs

The central activity of the event is enchanting Ice Orbs. Players can enchant orbs by right-clicking on them, with a chance to gain 1 to 3 levels or lose the orb. Higher-level orbs drop better loot, with +7, +8, and +9 orbs dropping Broken, Crushed, and Noble Bundles, respectively. Achieving a +10 orb rewards players with a Frozen Cube and a Brilliant Fragment, which can be combined into a Brilliant Prism containing the event's most coveted rewards.

Merchant Rewards

Players can spend Melted Ice Orbs at the event merchant, Abominabelle, for various items, including Legendary Transformation Contracts, Daevanion Skill Selection Boxes, and Enchantment Stones. The rewards offer significant boosts and enhancements, making the event a valuable opportunity for players to strengthen their characters.

Item Removal Post-Event

It's important to note that all event-related items, including Ice Orbs and Melted Ice Orbs, will be removed during maintenance on February 13. Players should use their items before this date to ensure they don't miss out on the rewards.

Conclusion: A Chilling Yet Rewarding Adventure

The Frozen Magic: Ice Orb Promotion in Aion Online is a fantastic event that combines the thrill of enchantment with the excitement of collecting and earning rewards. Players have the opportunity to engage in a unique gameplay aspect while enjoying the frosty aesthetics of the event. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, this promotion offers a chance to enhance your Aion experience significantly.

For more information on the Frozen Magic: Ice Orb Promotion and to participate in the event, visit the official Aion Online website.

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