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Hanbok Pixel Transformation Bundle in Aion Retail: A Blend of Tradition and Technology


Aion Retail introduces the Hanbok Pixel Transformation Bundle, a unique blend of traditional Korean attire and nostalgic 8-bit gaming aesthetics. Available from January 9th to January 30th, this promotion offers players a chance to acquire special transformations along with a variety of other rewards.

Promotion Details

  • Duration: January 9 – January 30
  • Special Features: Hanbok-themed transformations and bonus rewards for transformation combinations.

Hanbok Transformation Bundle

The main highlight of this promotion is the Hanbok Transformation Bundle, which includes:

  • [BCM] Hanbok Legendary Transformation Box (14 types)
  • [BCM] Hanbok Special Transformation Contract (66 types)
  • [BCM] Golden Key Piece
  • 100 Transparent Transformation Scrolls

Players can assemble 5 [BCM] Golden Key Pieces to obtain an [BCM] Ultimate Golden Key, which offers further benefits.

First Purchase Reward

The first purchase of the Hanbok Transformation Bundle comes with a bonus item delivered by express mail: [Event] Square Bunny Friend (30 days).

Special Hanbok Transformation Box

Additionally, there's a Special Hanbok Transformation Box available, containing:

  • [BCM] Hanbok Special Grade Transformation Contract (38 types)
  • 15 Ultimate Memory Shards

Transformation Combination Bonus Rewards (Updated)

A significant update to the promotion is the Transformation Combination Bonus Rewards. Players who consume a certain number of Legendary Transformations without obtaining an Ultimate Transformation will receive a bonus reward:

  • 12 - 23 Legendary Transformations Consumed: [BCM] Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (4 Types).
  • 24+ Legendary Transformations Consumed: [BCM] Ultimate Transformation Contract Selection Box (6 Types).

Ultimate Golden Key

The [BCM] Ultimate Golden Key, assembled from 5 Golden Key Pieces, can be used to re-roll the Empyrean Lord's Ultimate Transformation Box once.

NPC & Event Coin

Players can exchange [BCM] Growth Coins for desired items through NPC Popolung located in Inggison and Gelkmaros.


The Hanbok Pixel Transformation Bundle in Aion Retail is a fascinating event that not only celebrates Korean culture but also brings a touch of retro gaming charm. With its unique transformation contracts and the chance to earn significant rewards through transformation combinations, this promotion is a must-participate event for players looking to enhance their Aion experience with a blend of tradition and technology. Remember, the event runs only until January 30th, so make sure to take advantage of these offerings!

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