Thursday, February 22, 2024

Aion Classic Boosts Legions with Growth Support Event in February 2024

Aion Classic is set to empower its legions with the Legion Growth Support Event, running from February 20 through March 5, 2024. This special event is designed to accelerate the growth and strength of legions by offering enhanced rewards, double experience points, and essential items through unique surveys.

Double Experience and Essential Items

During the event period, players will enjoy double the experience points from completing Daily and Weekly Missions, providing a significant boost to their progression. This is an excellent opportunity for legion members to level up faster and strengthen their characters for the challenges that lie ahead in Atreia.

In addition to the experience boost, participants will have the chance to acquire vital items for their legion's expansion. A notable feature of the event is the survey system, which will distribute 40 Legion Greater Production Marks to players accessing the survey for the first time during the event. These marks are crucial for enhancing the capabilities and resources of a legion, making them a highly sought-after commodity.

Weekly Legion Reward Bundles

Adding to the excitement, every Saturday during the event, players can claim a Legion Reward Bundle via a survey. These bundles contain valuable items, including shards of Black Gold Medals and various tiers of Ancient Crowns, ranging from Major to Lesser. The distribution of these items will be random, with quantities varying between one to three per item type. The survey will be sent out on two specific dates: February 24 and March 2.

Participate and Propel Your Legion Forward

The Legion Growth Support Event is a call to arms for all legion members in Aion Classic. By participating in the event, players can significantly contribute to their legion's success, leveraging the double experience points and the essential items provided through the surveys. The event not only offers a pathway to individual growth but also strengthens the collective power and unity of legions.

Conclusion: A Time of Opportunity

The Legion Growth Support Event presents a valuable opportunity for Aion Classic players to accelerate their growth and enhance their legion's standing in Atreia. With the promise of double experience points, essential expansion items, and valuable reward bundles, February 2024 is poised to be a month of significant advancement and camaraderie among legion members. Seize this chance to contribute to your legion's prosperity and forge a stronger future together.

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