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Aion Online Announces Currency Policy Update for February 2024


Aion Online, the popular MMORPG developed by NCSoft, has announced a significant update to its currency policy, set to take effect on March 12, 2024. This update aims to streamline currency purchases and in-game transactions across NCSoft's titles, including Lineage II and Blade & Soul, ensuring a more straightforward and value-added experience for players.

Key Changes in the Currency Policy

NCoin Value Adjustment:

  • The update introduces a notable change in the value of NCoin, the universal currency used across NCSoft's games. Previously, one dollar could purchase approximately 80 NCoin. Post-update, one dollar will now be equivalent to 100 NCoin, offering players more value for their money.
  • Existing NCoin balances will automatically be adjusted with a 1.25 multiplier. This means that for every 80 NCoin players currently have, their balance will be updated to 100 NCoin.
  • Codes or coupons for NCoin that players have purchased but not yet redeemed will also see this 1.25 multiplier applied during the redemption process.

NCoin Validity and Expiration Period:

  • A significant policy shift is the introduction of a 9-year validity period for NCoin. While NCoin previously never expired, the new policy mandates that any NCoin purchased on or before March 12, 2024, will expire on March 12, 2033.
  • NCoin acquired after the effective date will also have a 9-year validity period from the purchase date, after which it will automatically expire.

Aion Currency Specifics

Conversion of Black Cloud Coin to NCoin:

  • Exclusive to Aion's live server, Black Cloud Coin will be converted to NCoin, allowing it to be used across other NC America PC games like Lineage II and Blade & Soul.
  • Black Cloud Coin purchased before the policy update will automatically be converted to NCoin at a rate of 80 Black Cloud Coin to 100 NCoin, aligning with the overall NCoin value adjustment.
  • Similar to NCoin, codes or coupons for Black Cloud Coin will be subject to the 1.25 multiplier upon redemption.

What This Means for Players

This currency policy update is designed to simplify the in-game purchase experience across NCSoft's titles, offering clearer options and added value to the player base. The introduction of a long-term currency expiration policy aims to better manage the system while ensuring that players have ample time to utilize their virtual currency.

As the gaming community anticipates these changes, NCSoft has assured players that they will not lose value due to these adjustments. Instead, the update is expected to enhance the overall gaming experience by providing more straightforward and valuable purchasing options.

Looking Ahead

As March 12, 2024, approaches, players are encouraged to review their current currency balances and plan their in-game purchases accordingly. With the promise of more value and clearer purchasing options, the update is poised to positively impact the Aion Online community and beyond.

For more detailed information on the currency policy update, players can visit the official Aion Online website or contact customer support for assistance.

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