Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Aion Retail Unveils Prestige Pass + Minion Contract Bundle 2: A Prime Drop for Amazon Prime Members


Aion Retail has announced an exciting Prime Drop for its players, offering a unique bundle that combines the 7-Day Prestige Pass with the Grade A Rank 4 Minion Contract Selection Box. This special offer, available from February 27, 2023, to March 31, 2024, is designed to enhance both PvE and PvP experiences for Daevas embarking on their adventures in the mystical world of Atreia.

Exclusive Offer for Amazon Prime Members

This Prime Drop is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members, providing them with free access to valuable in-game items aimed at boosting their journey through Aion Retail. By linking their Amazon Prime accounts to Aion Retail, players can claim this bundle and enjoy the benefits of the Prestige Pass alongside a selection of powerful minions.

What's in the Bundle?

The Prestige Pass + Minion Contract Bundle 2 includes two key components that are essential for any Daeva looking to maximize their potential:

  • 7-Day Prestige Pass: This pass grants players enhanced gameplay benefits for a duration of seven days. These benefits include increased XP gain, better loot drops, and other perks that make leveling and gearing up a smoother process.
  • Grade A Rank 4 Minion Contract (5 types) Selection Box: Minions are invaluable companions in Aion, offering various support in combat situations. This selection box allows players to choose from five different Grade A Rank 4 minions, each with unique abilities to aid in PvE and PvP encounters.

How to Claim Your Bundle

To claim the Prestige Pass + Minion Contract Bundle 2, Amazon Prime members need to visit the specified link and follow the instructions to link their Amazon account with their Aion Retail account. Once linked, the bundle will be available for redemption in-game, providing players with a significant boost to their adventures.

Boost Your Aion Experience

This Prime Drop is a testament to Aion Retail's commitment to providing players with opportunities to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you're battling through the Abyss, exploring the vast landscapes of Atreia, or engaging in epic sieges, the Prestige Pass and Grade A Rank 4 Minion Contract will undoubtedly be valuable assets on your journey.


The Prestige Pass + Minion Contract Bundle 2 Prime Drop is a fantastic opportunity for Amazon Prime members to gain an edge in Aion Retail. With the offer running until March 31, 2024, there's plenty of time to claim your bundle and experience the benefits. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your Aion adventure with these exclusive in-game items.

Grab Your Bundle Here

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