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Aion Retail Invites You to a Delightful Spring Picnic Event


As the world of Atreia welcomes the gentle breezes and warm weather of spring, Aion Retail is celebrating the season with a special event that combines the joy of picnicking with the thrill of adventure. From March 19 through April 2, players level 80 and above are invited to participate in the "Good Day for a Picnic" event, offering a unique opportunity to collect picnic baskets from monsters, engage in faction rivalry, and exchange them for special rewards.

How to Participate

[Event] Simple Basket:
Event monsters roaming Apsaranta are holding Simple Baskets. By completing a daily quest to eliminate 30 event monsters, players can collect 10 Simple Baskets. These baskets can then be exchanged for a variety of items at the event store. The daily event quests reset every day at 9 AM, ensuring players have ample opportunity to gather baskets and claim their rewards.

Merchant List for Simple Baskets:
Players can exchange their Simple Baskets for items such as [Event] Berdin's Giant Lucky Star, [Event] Group Item, Transformation Collection Flag, and more, with limits on how many of each item can be claimed per week.

[Event] Abundant Basket:
For those seeking a bit more competition, special Abundant Baskets can be collected by engaging with the opposing faction. Defeating 15 members of the opposing faction in Apsaranta rewards players with 10 Abundant Baskets, which can also be exchanged for valuable items in the store.

Merchant List for Abundant Baskets:
The Abundant Baskets offer access to even more coveted items, including [Event] [Performance Card] Grow Flower, [Event] Ultimate PVE Enchantment Stone, and the [Event] Ultimate Truestorm Weapon Selection Box, among others.

Event Rewards

The "Good Day for a Picnic" event is not just about the thrill of the hunt; it's also about the rewards. With a diverse selection of items available for exchange, players can enhance their characters with powerful enchantment stones, ultimate equipment, and unique cosmetics. Whether you're looking to boost your PvE prowess, add a new weapon to your arsenal, or simply celebrate spring with a new performance card, this event has something for everyone.

Item/NPC Removal

Participants should note that all [Event] Simple Baskets and [Event] Abundant Baskets, along with the event NPCs, will be removed during maintenance on April 9. Players are encouraged to exchange their baskets and claim their rewards before this date to ensure they don't miss out on the event's offerings.


Aion Retail's "Good Day for a Picnic" event is a perfect blend of springtime joy and in-game excitement. With daily quests, faction rivalry, and a plethora of rewards, it offers players a fresh and engaging way to celebrate the season. So, gather your allies, defeat your foes, and enjoy a delightful picnic in Atreia this March.

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