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Aion Retail Unveils the Celestial Armory Event: Forge Your Heavenly Weapon

Aion Retail is bringing the heavens down to Atreia with its latest event, the Celestial Armory, running from March 19 through April 9. This celestial-themed event offers players the unique opportunity to craft powerful Heavenly Weapons by harnessing the forces of the sun, moon, and meteor. With no limits on purchases and the chance to obtain exclusive skills and boosts, the Celestial Armory event is set to be a game-changer for Daevas seeking to elevate their combat prowess.

Crafting Your Heavenly Weapon

To participate in the event, players must first acquire a Heavenly Weapon Prototype, available for purchase, and then collect 30 Empyreal Crystals of either Solar, Lunar, or Meteor variety. These crystals can be exchanged with the NPC representatives of the Sun, Lunar, and Meteor forces located in Inggison and Gelkmaros for a chance to receive a Heavenly Weapon Selection Box. Should the crafting attempt fail, players will receive a Heavenly Weapon Prototype and 10 Heavenly Cookies as consolation.

The Power of Celestial Forces

The Heavenly Weapons come imbued with unique skills activated when a player's HP drops below 80%, offering significant advantages in battle:

  • Power: Meteor Force inflicts additional damage to enemies near the target.
  • Power: Bright Lunar Force provides a protective shield and increases shock resistance.
  • Power: Solar Force deals additional damage to enemies near the target.

Divine Protection: The Ultimate Reward

In addition to the formidable Heavenly Weapons, players can embark on quests to unlock the Divine Protection skill, which recovers HP and MP every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. Completing celestial weapon quests with upgraded conditions rewards the Advanced Divine Protection skill, further enhancing players' critical stats.

Heavenly Weapon Collection Skill

Collecting all three types of Heavenly Weapons enables players to unlock the Heavenly Weapon Item Collection, granting additional stat boosts such as Physical Crit, Magic Crit, Accuracy, Magic Accuracy, Evasion, and Magic Resistance. This collection not only enhances a player's combat effectiveness but also showcases their mastery over the celestial forces.

The Heavenly Unicorn

As part of the Celestial Armory event, players also have the chance to obtain the Heavenly Unicorn, a majestic mount representing the meteor, lunar, and sun forces. This rare mount is not only a symbol of a player's achievements but also offers practical benefits in traversing the vast world of Atreia.


The Celestial Armory event in Aion Retail is a call to arms for all Daevas to embrace the power of the cosmos and forge weapons of unparalleled might. With the event running until April 9, players have a limited window to participate and claim their heavenly rewards. Whether you're drawn to the destructive power of meteors, the protective embrace of the moon, or the radiant fo

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