Monday, March 11, 2024

Celebrate PURPLE's Launch with Aion Classic's Siel's Aura Subscription One-Time Deal

Aion Online is thrilled to announce a special promotion to celebrate the launch of PURPLE, the new game launcher. For a limited time, players who purchase or reactivate a Siel's Aura Subscription will receive an exceptional offer that enhances their Aion Classic experience. This one-time deal not only extends the duration of Siel’s Aura but also packs a treasure trove of bonus items.

The Offer

From March 12th to June 4th, 2024, Daevas can take advantage of this limited-time deal. The promotion includes additional days of Siel’s Aura at no extra cost and a bounty of bonus items, including Enchantment Stones, Ancient Crown Boxes, and more. This is in addition to the standard benefits that come with a Siel's Aura Subscription.

Subscription Options and Rewards

90 Days Siel’s Aura Subscription ($26.99, 1/account):

  • Standard Items: Siel's Chosen Daeva Title (30 days), Black Gold Medal x1, Tin Narky Egg (90 Days) x1, Major Ancient Crown Box x5.
  • One-Time Deal Items: Additional 30 Days Siel’s Aura, Lv91-100 Enchantment Stone x4, Lv85-95 Enchantment Stone x10, Major Ancient Crown Box x10, Lesser Supplements (Eternal) Box (100) x4, Kinah Bundle Shard x1.

30 Days Siel’s Aura Subscription ($9.99, 1/account):

  • Standard Items: Guardian of Atreia Title (30 Days).
  • One-Time Deal Items: Additional 10 Days Siel’s Aura, Lv91-100 Enchantment Stone x1, Lv85-95 Enchantment Stone x3, Major Ancient Crown Box x1, Black Gold Medal x1, Tin Narky Egg (30 Days) x1.

How to Activate the Deal

For those already enjoying Siel's Aura, fear not. You can still partake in this promotion by canceling your old subscription and subscribing anew through the Web Shop system. This process ensures you don't lose any remaining days or benefits from your previous subscription, as the new subscription will stack on top of the existing membership days.

Why Now is the Time

This one-time deal represents an unparalleled opportunity for both new and returning players to dive into Aion Classic with added benefits. Whether you're gearing up for battle, exploring Atreia, or engaging in the community, the additional Siel’s Aura days and the plethora of bonus items provide a significant boost to your adventures.


Aion Online's Siel's Aura Subscription one-time deal is a celebration of the game's ongoing evolution and the launch of the PURPLE launcher. With additional subscription days and a wealth of bonus items, there's never been a better time to immerse yourself in the world of Aion Classic. Ensure you seize this opportunity before it concludes on June 4th, 2024, and elevate your Aion Classic experience to new heights.

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