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Aion Retail: Daeva Pass Season 22

Aion Retail has launched Daeva Pass Season 22, offering players exciting new rewards and features. Running from May 28 to June 25, 2024, this season introduces various in-game items, costumes, mounts, and more. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what players can expect from the latest Daeva Pass.

Daeva Pass Overview

Season Duration: May 28, 2024 – June 25, 2024

Daeva Pass Price: 2240 Luna

Max Pass Level: 45


  • Free Rewards: Includes Memory Shards, Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Boxes, and more.
  • Premium Rewards: Includes new titles, Empyrean Lord's Holy Water, Wardrobe Cards, Scooter Mount (30 days), and exclusive costume cards.

Costume Cards and Mounts

Free Rewards:

  • [Event] Daeva Pass Appearance Card (Season 1)
  • Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Memory Shard

Premium Rewards:

  • Scooter Box (30 Days)
  • [BCM] Gold Inquin Egg (30 Days)
  • [Title] Daeva Conqueror (30 Days)

Utility Items

Players can also earn various utility items such as Oath Tablets, Ultimate Breath of Transformation, and Empyrean Lord's Holy Water. The Ultimate Engraved Manastone Selection Box and [BCM] Upgraded Ultimate Manastone Selection Box provide powerful enhancements for characters.

Merchant Listings

In addition to the core rewards, the Merchant Listing offers various Motion Cards and costume sets like the Masquerade Set, Charming Devil Set, Rosy Bunny Set, Singer's Seduction Set, and Skystrike Set. These items can be purchased using in-game currency earned through the Daeva Pass.

Bundles and Collections


  • Daeva Pass Season 22 Jewel Box includes attack and defense jewels, a 30-day scooter box, and Ultimate/Paragon Enchantment Stone Selection Boxes.

Collection Effects:

  • Attack Boost: Physical Attack +100, Magic Attack +100
  • Defense Boost: Physical Defense +100, Magic Defense +100

Title Cards: The Daeva Conqueror title card provides significant buffs, including HP +6000, Attack Speed +4%, Moving Speed +6%, Casting Speed +4%, and both PVP and PVE attack +400.


Daeva Pass Season 22 in Aion Retail offers a wealth of new content for players to enjoy. From unique costumes and mounts to powerful utility items and titles, this season provides ample opportunities for players to enhance their characters and enjoy new adventures in Atreia.

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