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Aion Retail: Elevate Your Game with Enchantment Stones in June 2024


Aion Retail players, it’s time to elevate your game with the power of Enchantment Stones! This June 2024, Trion Worlds introduces new opportunities to enhance your gear, making your characters stronger and more formidable than ever. Enchantment Stones are key to unlocking the full potential of your equipment. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use these stones effectively and maximize your gear enhancements.

Introduction to Enchantment Stones

What are Enchantment Stones?

Enchantment Stones are special items in Aion Retail used to enhance the stats of your gear. These stones can be applied to various equipment pieces to increase their power, making your character more effective in combat. Whether you're looking to boost your attack, defense, or other attributes, Enchantment Stones are essential for optimizing your build.

Event Duration

The Enchantment Stone event runs from June 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024. During this period, players can obtain and use Enchantment Stones more easily, with increased drop rates and special quests designed to help you gather these valuable items.

How to Obtain Enchantment Stones

Event Quests and Activities

  1. Daily Quests: Complete daily quests provided by event NPCs to earn Enchantment Stones. These quests often involve defeating specific enemies, collecting resources, or completing certain objectives.
  2. Dynamic Events: Participate in dynamic events that occur during the Enchantment Stone event. These events offer additional opportunities to earn stones through battles and other activities.

Crafting and Gathering

  1. Crafting Stones: Use your crafting skills to create Enchantment Stones. Gathering the necessary materials and crafting these stones can be a reliable way to ensure you have enough for your gear enhancements.
  2. Resource Nodes: Harvesting resource nodes across Telara can yield Enchantment Stones, especially during the event when drop rates are increased.

Marketplace and Trading

  1. Marketplace: Check the in-game marketplace for Enchantment Stones. Players often sell excess stones, and you can purchase them to quickly bolster your supply.
  2. Trading with Players: Engage in trading with other players. Sometimes, you can find good deals or trade items you have in abundance for the stones you need.

How to Use Enchantment Stones

Enhancing Your Gear

  1. Select the Equipment: Choose the piece of equipment you want to enhance. Ensure it is compatible with the Enchantment Stones you have.
  2. Apply the Stone: Use the Enchantment Stone on the selected equipment. This process will increase the stats of the gear, such as attack power, defense, or other attributes.
  3. Success Rate: Be aware that the success rate of enhancing gear can vary. Higher-level enhancements may have a lower success rate, but the rewards are greater.

Strategies for Effective Enhancement

  1. Start with Lower-Level Gear: Begin by enhancing lower-level gear to get a feel for the process and to avoid wasting stones on high-risk attempts.
  2. Use Supplements: Utilize supplements that can increase the success rate of your enhancements. These items can be purchased or obtained through quests and events.
  3. Maximize Efficiency: Focus on enhancing gear that will have the most significant impact on your character’s performance. Prioritize weapons and armor that you use frequently.

Tips for Success

Plan Your Enhancements

Before you start enhancing, plan which pieces of gear you want to focus on. This ensures you use your Enchantment Stones efficiently and strategically.

Save High-Quality Stones

Save your higher-quality Enchantment Stones for high-level gear. Using the best stones on the most crucial equipment maximizes the benefits of your enhancements.

Monitor Success Rates

Keep an eye on the success rates of your enhancements. If the success rate drops too low, consider stopping to avoid wasting stones. You can always try again later or use supplements to boost your chances.

Participate in Event Activities

Engage in all event activities to maximize your chances of obtaining Enchantment Stones. The more you participate, the more stones you can collect, increasing your opportunities for successful enhancements.

Exclusive Event Rewards

Special Titles and Cosmetics

Earn exclusive titles and cosmetic items by participating in the Enchantment Stone event. These rewards not only enhance your character’s appearance but also showcase your dedication to enhancing your gear.

In-Game Currency and Items

Collect in-game currency and other valuable items as you complete event quests and activities. These rewards can help you purchase additional Enchantment Stones or other necessary items for your adventures in Telara.

Leaderboard Rewards

Compete with other players on the event leaderboard. Top performers will receive prestigious titles, unique mounts, and other exclusive rewards that highlight their achievements in the Enchantment Stone event.

Community Engagement

Share Your Enhancements

Share your gear enhancements, successes, and tips with the Aion community. Engaging with fellow players can provide additional insights and make the event more interactive and fun.

Join Group Activities

Participate in group activities and events organized by the community. Collaborating with other players can make the process of obtaining and using Enchantment Stones more enjoyable and efficient.


The Enchantment Stone event in Aion Retail this June 2024 offers players an incredible opportunity to enhance their gear and elevate their gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the world of Atreia, this event provides the tools and rewards you need to become stronger and more formidable. Don’t miss out on the chance to optimize your gear, earn exclusive rewards, and showcase your enhanced power in the battles to come. Prepare your Enchantment Stones and take your character to new heights!

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