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Aion Retail: Hungry Hatchling Event - June 2024

Aion Retail is bringing a delightful new event to its players this June: the Hungry Hatchling Event. This event promises to provide fun, engagement, and a plethora of rewards as players take on the role of nurturing and caring for adorable hatchlings. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, the Hungry Hatchling Event offers something for everyone. In this article, we'll explore the event's activities, rewards, and provide tips on how to make the most of your participation.

Event Overview

The Hungry Hatchling Event is designed to immerse players in a unique and enjoyable experience where they care for and nurture hatchlings. This event is rich with activities that cater to both solo players and those who enjoy group play. Here’s what you need to know about the event.

Event Duration

The Hungry Hatchling Event runs from June 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024. Players have an entire month to participate in various activities and earn rewards.

How to Participate

To join the event, players need to visit the event NPCs located in major cities such as Sanctum and Pandaemonium. These NPCs will provide players with a special hatchling egg that they can nurture throughout the event.

Event Activities

There are several activities that players can engage in during the Hungry Hatchling Event. These activities are designed to be fun and rewarding, encouraging players to interact with their hatchlings and the Aion community.

Nurturing Your Hatchling

The primary activity in this event is nurturing your hatchling. Players must feed, train, and play with their hatchlings to help them grow. Here’s a breakdown of the nurturing activities:

  • Feeding: Collect special food items scattered across the world of Atreia and feed them to your hatchling to keep it healthy and happy.
  • Training: Engage in mini-games and activities that help train your hatchling. These activities improve the hatchling's abilities and overall growth.
  • Playing: Spend time playing with your hatchling through various interactive games. This activity boosts your bond with the hatchling and contributes to its growth.

Daily and Weekly Quests

Throughout the event, players can participate in daily and weekly quests that provide additional rewards. These quests are designed to encourage regular interaction with the event and offer valuable items and resources.

Community Challenges

The Hungry Hatchling Event also features community challenges where players can work together to achieve common goals. Completing these challenges unlocks special rewards for all participants.

Event Rewards

The Hungry Hatchling Event offers a variety of rewards that players can earn by participating in the event activities. These rewards range from cosmetic items to valuable in-game resources.

Cosmetic Items

Players can earn exclusive cosmetic items for their characters and hatchlings. These items include:

  • Costumes: Unique costumes that players can wear to show off their event participation.
  • Hatchling Skins: Special skins that change the appearance of the hatchlings.
  • Accessories: Various accessories for both players and hatchlings.

In-Game Resources

Participants can also earn valuable in-game resources such as:

  • Experience Points (XP): Boost your character's XP by completing event activities.
  • Kinah: Earn Kinah, the in-game currency, to spend on various items and upgrades.
  • Crafting Materials: Collect rare crafting materials that can be used to create powerful items.

Special Event Items

In addition to cosmetic items and resources, players can earn special event items that are only available during the Hungry Hatchling Event. These items can enhance your gameplay and provide unique benefits.

Tips for Making the Most of the Event

To maximize your rewards and enjoyment during the Hungry Hatchling Event, consider the following tips:

Stay Active

Participate in daily and weekly quests to ensure you are continuously earning rewards. Regular interaction with the event activities will help you make the most of your time.

Engage with the Community

Join forces with other players to tackle community challenges. Working together not only makes the challenges easier but also enhances the overall event experience.

Explore Atreia

Take the time to explore the world of Atreia to find special food items and participate in various activities. Exploration can lead to unexpected rewards and a more immersive experience.

Manage Your Time

Plan your activities to balance nurturing your hatchling with other in-game objectives. Efficient time management will help you achieve all your goals during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Hungry Hatchling Event? The event runs from June 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024.

How do I participate in the event? Visit the event NPCs in major cities like Sanctum and Pandaemonium to receive your hatchling egg and start participating.

What activities are available in the event? Activities include feeding, training, and playing with your hatchling, as well as completing daily and weekly quests and participating in community challenges.

What rewards can I earn from the event? Rewards include cosmetic items, in-game resources like XP and Kinah, crafting materials, and special event items.

How can I maximize my rewards during the event? Stay active by participating in daily and weekly quests, engage with the community to complete challenges, explore Atreia for special items, and manage your time effectively.

Are there any community events during the Hungry Hatchling Event? Yes, there are community challenges that players can work on together to achieve common goals and unlock special rewards.


The Hungry Hatchling Event in Aion Retail is set to provide players with a month of fun, engagement, and rewarding experiences. By participating in various nurturing activities, completing quests, and working with the community, players can earn a plethora of rewards while enjoying the charming company of their hatchlings. Whether you're a long-time player or new to the world of Atreia, the Hungry Hatchling Event offers something for everyone. Dive in, nurture your hatchling, and make the most of this delightful event!

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