Thursday, July 4, 2024

Aion Classic Celebrates Burning Weeks with Exciting Rewards


Aion Classic is turning up the heat this July with its Burning Weeks event, running from July 2 to July 16, 2024. This exciting period is packed with rewards for dedicated players, offering various bonuses for both playtime and dungeon completions.

Event Overview

Playtime Rewards:

  • First Week (July 2 - July 8)

    • 1 hour: Recovery Crystal x3
    • 2 hours: [Event] Mithril Medal Shard x2
    • 3 hours: [Event] Mithril Medal Shard x3
  • Second Week (July 9 - July 15)

    • 1 hour: [Event] Tombstone of Revival x3
    • 2 hours: [Event] Mithril Medal Shard x2
    • 3 hours: [Event] Mithril Medal Shard x3

Dungeon Boosts:

  • Tempus

    • [Event] Moros Bundle x1
    • [Event] Tombstone of Revival x1
  • Wall of Lament and Padmarashka's Cave

    • [Event] Legion Bundle x1

Exclusive Event Rewards

Players can open event bundles for a chance to receive valuable in-game items, such as Forgotten Memory Shards and Legion Production Marks. These rewards are designed to enhance your gameplay experience and offer incentives for active participation.


What is Aion Classic's Burning Weeks event? It's a special event from July 2-16, 2024, offering playtime and dungeon rewards.

How can I earn playtime rewards? Simply play Aion Classic for 1, 2, or 3 hours during the event weeks to earn rewards.

What are the boosted dungeon rewards? Completing specific dungeons during the event period will yield extra rewards like the Moros and Legion Bundles.

What items can I get from event bundles? Items include Forgotten Memory Shards and Legion Production Marks, among other in-game treasures.

Is the event open to all players? Yes, all Aion Classic players can participate and earn rewards.


Aion Classic's Burning Weeks event is an excellent opportunity for players to dive deeper into the game and earn fantastic rewards. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, these weeks are sure to offer excitement and valuable loot. Don’t miss out on the action—log in and start earning your rewards today!

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