Thursday, July 4, 2024

Aion Retail's Summer Fairy Promotion: Rewards and More

Aion Retail is celebrating the summer with a special promotion featuring the Summer Fairy. Running from July 2 to July 30, 2024, this event offers players the chance to earn a variety of rewards through daily and weekly quests.

Summer Fairy Bundles

Summer Fairy (90 Days) Bundle

  • Price: 600 Luna / 580 NCoin
  • Contents:
    • [BCM] Summer Fairy (90 Days)
    • [Event] Empyrean Lord's Holy Water x10
    • [BCM] DP Daevanion Skill Selection Box x1

Daily Quest Rewards:

  • Berdin's Giant Lucky Star
  • Giant Abyssal Star
  • Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone (7 day)
  • Socket Reset Stone
  • Stigma Enchantment Stone

Weekly Quest Rewards:

  • Special Transformation Contract
  • Grade S and A Minium
  • Daevanion Essence
  • Plastic Surgery Ticket
  • Ultimate Paragon Enchantment Stone
  • Prime Runestone Shard

Summer Fairy (30 Days) Bundle

  • Price: 200 Luna / 210 NCoin
  • Contents:
    • [BCM] Summer Fairy (30 Days)
    • [Event] Empyrean Lord's Holy Water x5

Daily and Weekly Rewards:

Similar to the 90-day bundle, players can earn valuable items such as enchantment stones, transformation contracts, and more.

How to Participate

Players can purchase the Summer Fairy bundles through the Aion store. The fairy pets can be summoned to access daily and weekly quests, providing a steady stream of rewards throughout the event period.


Aion Retail's Summer Fairy Promotion is the perfect way to enhance your gameplay experience this summer. With a range of valuable rewards up for grabs, make sure to log in daily and complete your quests. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity!

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