Thursday, July 4, 2024

Enter the Shattered Abyssal Splinter: Aion Retail's Summer PvE Event

Aion Retail players, get ready to showcase your PvE prowess in the Shattered Abyssal Splinter event running from July 2 to July 16, 2024. This event promises exciting challenges and valuable rewards for those who can output the highest damage within the dungeon's limited time.

How to Participate

Choose Your Mode:

  • Classic Mode: Available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Event Mode: Available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Choice Day: Sunday, choose either mode.

Dungeon Entry:

  • Complete the Entrance Quest provided by Cruel Airo or Cold Airo.
  • Use the "Abyss Key" to enter the dungeon.
  • On Sundays, choose between Cruel Airo or Cold Airo in the Mirror of Abyss.


  • Inflict maximum damage on Yamennes Painflare within 5 minutes.
  • Rankings are based on cumulative damage.

Ranking and Rewards

Ranking System:

  • Daily rankings for top 100 characters by class.
  • Rankings reset daily at 8 AM, with final calculations from 8 AM to 9 AM.


  • Rewards range from Experience Crystals and Abyssal Fragments to Luna, based on rank.

Rank Breakdown:

  • S Rank (1,000,000 points): [Event] Experience Crystal x8, [Event] Abyssal Fragment x25
  • A Rank (750,000 points): [Event] Experience Crystal x5, [Event] Abyssal Fragment x10
  • B Rank (500,000 points): [Event] Experience Crystal x2, [Event] Abyssal Fragment x5
  • C Rank (below 500,000 points): [Event] Abyssal Fragment x1

Daily Ranking Rewards:

  • 1st Place: 600 Luna
  • 2nd-3rd Place: 400 Luna
  • 4th-6th Place: 300 Luna
  • 7th-10th Place: 200 Luna
  • 11th-20th Place: 100 Luna
  • 21st-40th Place: 80 Luna
  • 41st-70th Place: 60 Luna
  • 71st-100th Place: 40 Luna
  • 101st-1000th Place: 20 Luna


The Shattered Abyssal Splinter event is an excellent opportunity for Aion Retail players to test their PvE skills and earn fantastic rewards. Whether you're aiming for the top spot or just looking to improve your gear, this event offers excitement and valuable loot. Jump into the action and climb the rankings to secure your rewards!

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