Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aion Privat server1.9 - Aion's Glory

I want to present you 1.9 - Aion's Glory.
It 's an AION 1.9 private server where you can find the old, good 1.9's fun.

The server is now up and everyone is welcome to the Open Alpha Test.
By the way we are planning to add some custom for more PvP fun.

  • x60 - EXP
  • x60 - Group-EXP
  • x60 - Quest-EXP
  • x50 - Quest-Kinah
  • x50 - Drops - x50
  • x50 - Gathering-EXP
  • x50 - Crafting-EXP
  • x24 - AP-PvP
  • x30 - AP-PvE

  • Website - Link
  • Connection Guide - Link
  • Test Features - Link

Some ingame-pictures of players:

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