Thursday, February 7, 2013

Aion Patch 4.0: Mythical Weapons and Armor from Lunadium

In the six people group instance Lunadium, you will have the luck of getting one of the mythical weapon and armor. You will get the opportunity of selecting what item you get form the chest.

  •  The chest can be obtained defeating the instance boss. 
  • Once the box is openend you will get a random item, be it mythical weapon/armor or Eternal weapon/armor.
  •  Inside the box, depending on the class, a list of items that your class can use will be listed, and you select the one you want most
The box inside the inventory

Select the item you want, according to your class


  • One Slot for the ancient manastone
  • Enchantment level will vary from 13-15
  • Random stats

Message saying you will get random stats

Attack Speed of 17%, but if you are lucky you can get the 19
Excited about this new items from 4.0? Comment below, what you are waiting from 4.0 ^_^

Source: plaync


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