Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Scattered Deck Returns

Mysterious cards have been surfacing in Atreia. Rumor has it that these cards belong to Lady Triniel and it possess great power if one knows how harness it. However, rumors are rumors; sounds like just another story about an item of power passed on by the Atreian ancestors. Well, if you happen to come across these mysterious cards, there are Card Collectors in the capital cities that are more than happy to exchange the useless item for a handsome reward.

- How to Participate -
Instance bosses will have a chance to drop Mysterious Cards. Collect 10 cards and trade them in for a Mysterious Reward Box.

Fire Temple and higher are qualifying instances for this event. You can also pick up the cards from the in-game or web store. Instances with the best drop rate for the Mysterious Cards are:
  • • Hamate Isle Storeroom
  • • Carpus Isle Storeroom
  • • Isle of Roots Storeroom
  • • Grave of Steel Storeroom
  • • Twilight Battlefield Storeroom, Esoterrace
  • • Taloc’s Hollow, Beshmundir Temple
  • • Aturam Sky Fortress
  • • Padmarashka’s Cave
  • • Rentus Base
  • • Tiamat Stronghold
  • • Raksang Ruins
  • • Dragon Lord’s Refuge
  • • Kysis Barracks
  • • Miren Barracks
  • • Krotan Barracks
  • • Danuar Sanctuary
  • • Ophidan Bridge
  • • Linkgate Foundry
  • • Sealed Danuar Mysticarium
  • • Danuar Reliquary
  • • Illuminary Obelisk
  • • Seized Danuar Sanctuary
  • • Sauro Supply Base
  • • Infernal Danuar Reliquary
  • • Infernal Illuminary Obelisk
  • • Occupied Rentus Base
  • • Drakenspire Depths
  • • Anguished Dragon Lord’s Refuge
  • • Infinity Shard
  • • The Eternal Bastion

- Prizes -
Trade in 10 Mysterious Card to get a Fabled Mysterious Reward Box from the Card Collector Extraordinaire located in each capital city. Open the box and unlock one of these following rewards:

  • • Tiamat's Glimmering Wings
  • • Tempering Solution
  • • Omega Enchantment Stone
  • • Mostly Business Outfit
  • • Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)
  • • Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal)
  • • [Event] Elite Composite Manastone Bundle
  • • Elite Composite Manastone Chest
  • • Shining Ancient Manastone Bundle
  • • Stigma Sack
  • • Major Ancient Crown
  • • Ceramium Medal
  • • Conqueror's Mark
  • • Blood Mark
  • • Blood Medal
  • • Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic)
  • • Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal)
  • • [Event] Premium Restoration Serum
  • • Ancient Coin
  • • [Event] Manastone Bundle

Defeat bosses and collect cards now! Event ends June 29, 2016.


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