Monday, October 12, 2009

Aion Guide: Calculating Estimated Time to Level

Using these steps you can calculate roughly how long you will be grinding until you reach your next level. Variables such as ganking, deaths, and available mobs are not factored in, only constant grind rate.

First take xp required to level and divide it by twenty

ex. 4,012,536 / 20 = 200,626.80

The output number is the xp required for each bar of xp, a useful value for setting goals or pacing yourself.

Next take the xp required per bar and divide by the xp gained for killing your specific mob. If what you're grinding varies is level, add the xp from the lower leveled mob to the xp of the higher mob and divide it by two for the average number.

ex. 200,626.80 / 10,030 = 20 Mobs per bar

or if you killing mobs with varied levels,

ex. 200,626.80 / [(10,030 + 12,630)/2] = 17.71

Lastly to calculate the time it will require you to time how long it takes you to kill a single mob. If you really want to be specific, you can time how long it takes to kill 10~20 mobs to get a average time per kill. Use a Stopwatch, or cooldown to get a good time per kill (in seconds).

Once you've the time it takes per kill, multiply that by the amount of mobs required per bar.

ex. 20mobs x 18.8 sec = 376 seconds per bar

or if you're averaging your time while killing multiple mobs, in this example it's the actual time taken to kill ten mobs straight

ex. 20mobs x (254.5 / 10) = 509 "actual" seconds per bar

Lastly to calculate the total time taken, multiply your second value by twenty

376 x 20 = 7520 seconds for a level

or for "actual time"

509 x 20 = 10180 seconds for a level

Divide seconds by 60 for a minute value

ex. 7520 / 60 = 125.33 minutes

ex. 10180 / 60 = 169.67 "Actual" minutes

And again for hour value

ex. 125.33 / 60 = 2.09 hours

ex. 169.67 / 60 = 2.83 "Actual" hours

So as you can see, the actual time is much more accurate for determining the total time it will take to level.

Formulas for Calculating all this.
1. [xp to level] / 20 = [xp per bar]

2a. [xp per bar] / [xp per mob] = [kills per bar]
2b. [xp per bar] / (([mob A] + mob B]) / 2) = [kills per bar]

3a. [kills per bar] x [seconds per kill] = [seconds per bar]
3b. [kills per bar] x ([seconds for x kills] / x) = [Actual seconds per bar]

4a. [seconds per bar] x 20 = [seconds for level]
4b. [actual seconds per bar] x 20 = [actual seconds for level]

5. [seconds for level] / 60 = [Minutes for level]

6. [Minutes for level] / 60 = [Hours for level]

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