Monday, October 12, 2009

Aiont tips and tricks: Hidden Treasure

In the middle of the lake by Basela Village in Altgard, there is a large box. You will usually find a few people attacking it, just ask to group and pound away.

It takes awhile to destroy as it has an estimated 10,000 hp and you only deal 1 damage at a time.

After an hour or two of annoying beating the box dies, and you will recieve the Treasure Hunters Sword, Dagger, Sheild, Spellbook, Belt, and Boots.

Ok so most everyone knows this, but here is a trick if you are having trouble getting into a group. Simple, go at about 9am or so with at least one friend to be sure that you will not get beat out by someone who shows up later.

If there is someone there, just channel hop as it is usually on more than one channel at a time. And another trick, if you use Frightcorn Memory or something similar you may do twice as much damage. And yet another trick, unless your an assasin, drop down to your fists as they have a 1 attack rate I believe so you can get more hits in as you do the same damage either way.

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