Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aion Alert - Aion log parser + Remote Alerts.

I've been using this while at work along with an amazing bot to text me when someone whispers me, being able to send commands to the game from my blackberry, Have screenshots sent to me etc etc. I couldn't live without it.

Aion Alert
Escape the Grind ( v 4.2 )

Aion Alert (AA) is a log parsing program. After enabling the Aion log file, AA will continuously (ever ½ second) monitor the log for selected events.

When an event occurs, AA will optionally: Play a sound, Send an email (or cell text) alert, Send a screenshot of the event. All of AA’s features are optional, use only the ones needed.

AA also allows you to send commands to it, to Aion, and to whatever bot you may be running at the time.

And AA features AAServer, a Telnet server that allows for real time communications with Aion via a Telnet connection.

• AA will monitor your log file and alert, screenshot, and/or shutdown all programs on any of the following conditions:
  • o Receive a whisper
  • o Inventory is full
  • o Death
  • o Receive Game mail
  • o Level up
  • o User specified alert
  • o Character Inactive
  • o Aion Inactive
  • • AA can play a sound upon any selected alert
  • • AA can shutdown Aion after X min with no exp gain or after X deaths.
  • • AA can make sure Aion stays the active window
  • • AA can send emails (and via email, cell phone texts)
  • • AA will monitor an email address, every 15 seconds, for incoming commands including:
  • o Commands to Aion
  • o Commands to Bot
  • o Screenshot commands
  • o Quit commands for Aion, Bot, Telnet, or all
  • o Command for status report
  • • AA can launch AAServer, a telnet server allowing almost real time interaction with Aion.
  • • AA supports receipt of notifications from other applications.

New in 4.0
- Status report reformatted for clarity
- Status report now includes exp/hr
- Status report now includes how many of what you have killed for how much exp.

Version 4.1
- Added pipeline for external alerts. This will allow other programs
to send information to AA which will then deliver it if you so choose. Currently
no programs send information to Aion Alert, this is in place for others (I.E. bot
makers, etc).

Version 4.2 - Keeping you out of trouble
- Added shutdown feature to occur after X min with no experience gain
- Added shutdown feature to occur after X deaths.
- Added button to give local Status report (vice emailed).
- Changed default settings box for word EXP from " EXP" to " EXP from ". Failure to make this change in your version will not harm anything, just make your report look unusual. (Done to support foreign language logs)

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