Saturday, November 7, 2009

Elyos Kyola Temple Range Invincibility Attacks

Behind the temple itself and up against the wall of the mountain base, you will be able to "fall through" part of the textured 3d0 of the mountain meeting the base and if you zoom your character into the "see through the eyes" type of view and look down you can look inside of the temple itself from behind the temple without even going inside of it and fighting all of those mobs.

Now I tried targeting mobs (which you can do) and tried hitting them as a Ranger (line of site problem) However this has not been tested with other classes. Spirit Master may actually be able to hunt like this, I'm not 100% sure but this is still a nice little texture exploit that may be able to be worked with into something leveling wise... or healing wise etc..

included is a somewhat accurate Location of the messed up mountain meeting the base of the ground.

You can go in it, people can't see your character only the glows on your character and your character name though.

I'm not sure if mobs were able to hit you if you lured them from above to that spot and went invisible and them hit in mid air but still nice little bug that may work with something else on here.


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