Sunday, November 8, 2009

Solo Sulfur Fortress Instance

If you are a ranger, assassin, or templar you can solo the sulur fortress instance. There is a level requirement, it varies depending on your class. Ranger/Assassin likely need around 32+, and Templar needs 37+. After level 43 you will no longer get any loot.
  1. Form a group for the simple purpose of being able to enter the instance.
  2. Run past all the mobs directly to the middle, and die on the chest.
  3. Wait until mobs reset, and res yourself with a self reviving res stone (broke, or 500 AP abyss consumable vendor).
  4. Kill the box using your class's bugged skills.
The bugged skills are skills which have a random damage portion to them. For Ranger this is stunning shot. For Templar it is Divine Slash and Shining Slash. Assassin has one too, not sure which one it is. The higher your level / gear, the more damage you'll do, which is where the level restriction comes in. All other attacks do only 1 damage making it impossible to solo without the bugged skills.

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