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Kinah Guide


There are many different ways to make gold in Aion Online. Gold is the key to most MMORPGs because it gives a player the advantage over others. With enough gold you can purchase the top gear and weapons for your leveling and wings which will help you level up faster. The ability to have the best weapons for your level well not only help you quest but help you earn more experience in the Abyss while dealing more damage. This is just one of many reasons why gold is important in Aion Online.

Reasons for Gold

As you level in Aion you will be able to purchase new wings along with enchants to items which will give you longer flight time and additional advantages for your wings although upgrading your wings can be very expensive.

Find new ways to make money
As you use study the Auction House, you will start identifying items which could be most profitable to you character. Are you a master at gathering, a crafter of high end items, or someone looking to become a reseller of items? Auction House gives you great information for putting together your plan.

Use your current money to make money
What happens to all the money your character has that he/she is not spending? It just sits there. No interest accrues. 10,000 Kinah today is still the same 10,000 Kinah thirty days later. Why not put that money to use?

Buy items you need at cheap prices
One of the best side benefits of using the Auction House is you will find fantastic bargains on items that you use (like materials) and on items that you want but can’t afford at full prices. There are items listed way below market value every day. I am sure you can find a way to take those items off the seller’s hands for your benefit.

Help others
One great thing about having more money than I can spend is being able to help out Aion friends and guild members. Being able to help friends and guild members get items while they are starting off or even help a friend by a new set of wings at level 30.

Making Kinah

Continuous Usage, Making the Needed Consumables Since consumables from Alchemy and Cooking are used by all classes, it is always in demand. Therefore, if you get the prices right, you can make a steady profit.

When the prices for the materials for these consumables go up, their product price also goes up. You must keep an eye on this.

For cooking, it would be different for each server, but what you are going to make depends on the profit. The following are good examples: Perer Aether Jelly, Starturtle Steak, Lunime nyerktail, Moonflower Sushi Roll.

The 2 new cooking consumables have a lot of competition, and when there is a lot of competition your profit suffers. Since the aether jelly is a commonly used DP food, make that here and there. Then go to Brokers and put them up.

Cooking consumables sell slower than Alchemy consumables, but the profits are higher.
Don't hurry your sales.

Quest Required Materials Package
Some quests require you to go and get some materials for completion.

However, many of these items are sold in 10-100 in quantity, so it annoys the people trying to get those materials only for quest completion.

In this case, if you put up a little pricier quantities of 1s or exact quest quantities, those trying to complete the quests will buy them. Since there is a lot of players looking for them, you can gather a lot of kinah from it.

Extremely Good Stat Gear
Of the Crafting professions, to make money from Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Handicrafting, and Tailoring, you need to do a little research first.

You don't go and just make high lvl gear. You need to find a specific gear sought by many, with little competition on the market.

One of the special items is a lvl 23 equippable belt Craftman's Shining Jute Waist Band. Since the production level is 130, it is a low production level item that most crafters bypass without looking. But its stats are good, so many players look for it. Finding these types of items is the way to go.

Hunting / Gathering

Gather and Sell Popular Items
The Aether-type of items are very popular. Not only is it required upon production, its harder to extract, therefore it is very highly priced. Aether is a very fast selling material.

Other than that, the most used materials for consumables (herbs, jewel crafting material gold ore etc) also sell often. You just have to look at how much competition there is and pick your prices.


Sell Gear that Looks Like Top Abyss Gear or that looks Good in General Using AP, you can get parts of the Green HolySpirit series (Elyos) or EvilSpirit series (Asmodian). These of course, you use to change the skins of other gears.

Reason being, that these skins look exactly like the lvl 50 Orange gear, and also has a light-emitting effect. Thats right, these items skins are as same as the strongest Abyss Gear (this is advantageous in PvP, as there is less motivation to attack characters with PvP sets on).

Once you make a skin change with this item, that skin changed gear becomes tradable. These are sold to players at a high price (probably on third-party trading forums, as you cannot immediately know the skin just by looking at the name).

Using DP and Odella, Make High-Priced Materials
If you kill mobs a bit you'll gain DP, and with it you can make Aether-type of materials into other materials. All morphing requires 200 DP, and the only thing different is what grade of the Aether it requires. Therefore, if you morph it into the expensive materials, you will gain profit. If you gather the Aethers yourself, you will gain that much more profit.

You must pick out which materials are best to morph into by comparing prices. You can gain Morph Designs at an NPC in Abyss Castles (after your faction has captured it).

Break Up Gear to Make and Sell Enchantment Stones
If you have enough money to buy a Unique-Grade item, search for a good priced one at the Broker merchant.

After that, once you use extraction kit on it you will get enchantment stones, and sell these back to get some cash. If you are lucky, you will get a high level enchantment stone, which can net you a big profit.

Or you can make gear just so you can break them into Enchantment stones, and this may net you profit as well. (providing the production material cost is less then enchantment stones made from extraction)

Once you've gathered some money, immediately go to the Brokers. Then you start searching. Pick the cheapest level 45-50 Legendary/Unique grade gear.

Legendary items (blue) can give you up to 20 levels higher. Unique items (gold) can give you up to 40 levels higher enchantment stones. But here is the thing! Say you've extracted a level 45 legendary and got a level 43 stone. Then next you must go buy the cheapest Unique gear and extract it.

The reason being, there is a specific chance for each character in Crafting/Upgrading/Extraction. Therefore, if you just got a lower lvl enchantment stone from a gear, there is a chance that you'll get a higher lvl enchantment stone from your next extraction (80% and higher).

Mass Materials Purchase on Low Tax
Depending on the occupied Castles, the Tax rate becomes different. When its high, the materials cost more, and when its low, materials cost less.

So when you make purchases from the Material Salesman (for example, paper and glass bottle for Alchemy) do it when the Tax is low.

Tax also affects Inventory Space expansion and travel fees, so you must always pay attention to the Tax.

Auction House

The Auction House
is the main way to sell your items in Aion Online, it is also known as the AH and is located in each of the capital cities. Each time you sell an item in the Auction House the Auction House takes a small fee from the sale as commission.

There are two ways to sell an item in the Auction House. One is by setting a minimum bid and allows bidders to bid on your item, and the other is by setting a set price for your item allows players to purchase your item at the price in which you set. You should always have a buy it now price for all your items because players do not want to wait to get an item, they will want it right away. In doing so you also control how much your item sells for and cannot have an item be bought a lower value. As long as you set the price competitively then it will sell.

The key to the Auction House is not focusing so much on how much the item sells for but rather how much you paid to for the item you’re selling. The less you have into the item the more profit from the sale you will have earned.

Auction House Locations

  • Elyos - Sanctum

  • Asmodian - Pandaemonium

Using the Auction House
One of the first things you will want to do is create a second character that will be used to sell all your items. This is going to be your Mule, or some will call him your alt. While naming this character does not use a name like “Mule1” or “Bank1” you want to use a normal name that someone would use in the game, but something that people will remember. You want something that people will remember so when they are purchasing items over time your name will stick with them.

Before we get into buying and selling you will want to add your Mule’s name to your main’s friend list. You can now send your alt mail from your main via the mail box. The reason for this is your main character is going to be collecting items and goods all the time while you are leveling him and doing quests. A lot of the goods you will not need so instead of wasting your time running to the main city every time you want to sell a piece of gear in the AH you simply mail it to your alt so you can sell it later on. By mailing items to your alt it gives you more time to level and will help keep more room in your bags rather than having to always sell your items to vendors rather than in the AH.

Don’t get me wrong you do not want to send everything over to your alt, mainly just tradeskill items, armor and weapons. You will gather a lot of items over time that are useless and these items are grey in color and they can just be sold to a vendor, but everything else you will want to try and sell in AH.

Researching the Auction House
Learning what items to sell is going determine how much money you can make in the Auction House. The best ways to start off is by selling items that you find while questing or in the Abyss. As you sell more items you’ll start to remember what items sell for a good profit and which ones do not. Once you get a general knowledge of using the Auction House and selling items you can start looking in the Auction House for deals. You will want to scan the auction house daily and look for items that you know sell for a nice profit and try to purchase them at a cheaper rate. Remember where you make your money is when you buy the item. For example, if you know an item is worth 10,000 Kinah and will sell quickly and you see it for sale in the AH for 7,000 Kinah what you purchase the item at will determine how much profit you can make. Again items that you make while questing and win off loot rolls are always 100% profit but take time to go out and get if you’re looking just to gold, but if you looking to quest and level then they will help for you will be leveling and making gold at the same time.

Buying Strategies
As you know the ability to purchase items at a low price is going to be key in making high profits.

Weekend Mornings
The weekend mornings are one of the best times to look for deals in the Auction House. The reason is because during the weekends is when most people are online playing Aion. At night before they go to sleep they usually will go to the Auction House and put their items up for sale before they go to sleep.

So late weekend nights and early weekend mornings is when the Auction House is going to have the most items for sale in it. The more items in the Auction house the more deals there will be for people will undercut other’s prices in order to sell their items quickly. So this will be one of the best times to check the auction house to purchase your deals.

Low Level items
Low level items are always great items to buy and sell. For they are very cheap as in 2,000 Kinah to 5,000 Kinah and some sell as high as 10,000 to 20,000 a piece. You will not be making a load of profit of each item, but these are items you want to focus on in the masses, I like to load up the auction house with around 20 to 30 low level items at a time and usually end up getting 20,000 - 40,000 when they all sell.

Rare Items
Rare items such as blue and purple items in Aion sell for more money than any other item in Aion because they have much higher stats then similar items of the same level. These items are great if you get them while questing but you can also buy and resell them easily too, simply find a few your comfortable with get a feel for the price on your server and start buying them and reselling.

Make an Offer
One thing that most players do not do is /w a seller and ask them if that is the best price they can go and make them a cheaper off then what they have the item listed for. Most of the time a seller is looking to sell an item fast and move on. This is great for you because you can find items that you know sell good and tell the seller of that you only have a certain amount of gold and need that item. Most of the time they will give in and be ok, and sell you the item for less then what they have it listed in the AH. Remember your casual gamer is not there trying to get top dollar for the item, they would rather just have some gold in their pocket.

Bored Sellers

  • These are sellers that really are bored and are looking to sell items just
    for something to do. You should easliy be able to talk these sellers
    down and buy the item at lower price.

Fast Sale Sellers

  • This type of seller is the seller looking to make a Fast sale for some reason or another(most cases they need the Kinah). On these sellers you can offer then half of their asking price and they will probaly take it.

Hardball Sellers

  • These sellers usually are sellers that are trying to Buy and Sell also and are looking to make the big bucks. Your chance of talking them down is slim and shouldn't waste their time unless they are already offering you a good price on the item.

Items to look to resell

  • Leveling Items

  • Raid Items

  • Consumable Materials

  • Tradeskill Items

  • Epics and Rares

Selling Strategies

Auction Type
When you list an item you want to list them as buy it nows. There are a few reasons for this, one people do not want to sit around and wait 24 hours, or 8 hours or whatever for the auction to end, and people want items now! By listing an item buy it now, it will allow players to purchase the item right away instead of trying to have to bid the item up and win it, and you'll receive your gold faster.

Days to sell on
You always want to sell on the weekends and Sunday, for those are always the best days to sell on and do auctioneer scans, for that is when the most people are playing Aion. On Friday and Saturday most kids are on because they do not have school or work, and most people are on Sunday for its a day to relax and they do not have work or school. After loading up the Auction House with all your goods on Sunday you'll be sure to find a mail box full of Kinah on Monday!

Listing Price
When you are putting items up on the auction house merchants, putting the same price
for the same quantity is not a good idea ie, 1 for 300 kinah, 10 for 3000 kinah.

Lower amounts should have a higher price per merchandise, and higher amounts should have lower.

Higher price applies to people only wanting to purchase low amounts, and lower price applies to those who wish to make a mass purchase, for example Crafters.

If Greater Scroll materials cost 4000 and the current lowest price for those is 5000 in 100 quantity, then sell your 100 quantity for 4990 kinah in 1 to 3 packages, 50 quantity for 5200 kinah in 2 to 4 packages, 20 quantity for 5600 in 3 to 6 packages, and 10 quantity for 6000 in 5 to 8 packages.

This way, you will earn more money than by just selling them in 100 quantities, and they well sell faster as well. Making your name go up before your competition by looking at the prices is important, and that is why having 50 auction house merchant spaces is important.

How the AH Sorts
When you sort the auction house by price, the auction house will sort the items by the minimum bid, so the key is undercutting the minimum bid of an item. By doing this your item will be listed on the top of the searches when players sort the searches by price.

Advertise in Trade Channel
Once you get in the grove of buying and selling you'll soon know what items are hot and what ones are not. So when you have certain items that you know people want and you know will sell quick advertise them in the /trade channel aka trade channel. That way players who are not check the AH may just click on the link of the item and ask you the price of it. Putting your good/rare items in the /trade channel while your on is a good way to sell items quickly and you can work with the players on a price.

What Affects Auction House Values

In its simplest form, the auction house is a mini economy specific to each Aion server. High demand with low supply will lead to larger profit margins. Low demand with high supply will lead to smaller profits. That sounds pretty straight forward however it can’t be overstressed. When evaluating your auctioneer plan, you need to find a balance between not enough planning and over thinking.

Each Aion server presents its own little economy. What sells well on one server may not sell well on another server. There are too many factors for me to cover but some main factors are population size, average population level , age of server, and number of twink characters.

Population size will generally increase both supply and demand which is important
because the greater the data pool the more accurate auctioneer tends to be.

Average population level is important as servers with higher level characters will mean more high end items for sale (good if you are looking to buy these items but bad if you are looking to sell these items for a big premium) and likely more raiding guilds (which can really drive up items like potions).

Age of server is important as older servers will have a broad range of characters which leads to more stable prices while a newer server will see much higher volatility.

While auctioneer has no date or time limit, there are times that can be better or worse for buying or selling items. Also, certain events such as the fairs or a Warhammer updates can create or change the values of items.

Running the Business

The next step to take once you’ve become the Warren Buffet of buying and selling is starting your own Aion business. What does this mean? Well it means hire employees to do the work for you. Like I’ve emphasized before in buying and selling is building relationships with people and making friends for this will always pay off for you in the long run.

Once you’ve got a considerable amount of gold saved up and know your server’s market then you are ready to start hiring some workers.

Look around outside of the main cities for low to mid level players, and ask them if they would be interested in making some money, like most low levels they will always reply “YES”. Now pick a few items that you are familiar with that your new employee will be able to farm, whether it be quest items or just a random item that you know the pricing of.

Tell him to collect these items for a few days and that you’ll then buy them off him for a nice price. Offer him 30% - 50% less than the market value for most low level players are not very informed and know the prices on most items and will be happy to take your offer.

Add him to your friends list and in a few days when you are both on meet up and purchase the items and then go ahead and resell it in the market for a profit. You want to be able to build a relationship with your works and trust. Offer them a small bonus for collecting the items in a timely manner and let them know how good they are doing. They will be happy to make Kinah and you’ll be able to collect a nice profit on the flip.

Not only will you make some gold you’ll make some very nice friends in the game that may become longtime friends that you can always turn to if you need help with a quest or for anything. Once you start getting good at hiring your own employees and having them collect items for you, try and hire on more low levels. Soon if you keep hiring low level teens you’ll have an entire work for that will be collecting items for you that you can turn around and sell for a profit and you’ll start to see the money flow in.

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