Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aion Announces Better Drop Rates in 2.1 [Aion]

NCsoft has just released a new blog for players who want a little research done in Aion. Victor Shugo's Research blog offers players the opportunity to ask questions and have Shugo go find the answers. The first installment is all about the increase in drop rates coming with the new 2.1 patch.

Aion 2.1 has been on the PTS and already there is a dramatic increase drop rates. Shugo's blog posts a full list of killed named monsters and the items they drop. The list them goes on to compare the amount of times the items dropped in Aion 2.0 versus Aion 2.1.

Aion 2.1 is scheduled to launch on the live servers November 17. Check out the new blog to see a complete synopsis of Shugo's research.

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