Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Udas Template Quick Guide

Below is a simple map guide to udas temple:
The way to first boss:Vallakhan
Route to Vallakhan

You will see from the map that there are 3 specific points for you to reach in which you kill 3 named mobs this pathway also has a number of mobs which you will need to clear in order to reach each of the named mob
mob #1 - Cota the Gatekeeper
Cota drops the key for the Silent Chapel.
mob #2 - Vida the Protector or Kiya the Protector
Breaks one part of the seal on silent chapel
mob #3 - Tala the Protector
Breaks second part of the seal on silent chapel
Once you have killed these mobs, obtained your key and broken the seal you can enter and kill Vallakhan.
As you will see form the link Vallakhan drops the key to the great chapel (you need this to enter and kill Anurati)
Time to go back the way you came to where you entered the temple and prepare to kill some more mobs and enter The Great Chapel to fight Devoted Anurati use the 1st map to guide you back to the beginning of this instance.

This is a basic tank and spank boss so all I need to give for this section are the following tips:

1: Clear all the mobs in this chamber before engaging Devoted Anurati
2: Devoted Anurati is straightforward tank & spank apart from every 20% health he summons a number of "allies" who come from the entrance to the great chapel (behind your party) to kill you
3:Simply kills raid fighters quickly, leave tank cleric focussed on Devoted Anurati and the rest of the party kite & kill the allies then go back to DPS this boss.

Final part of this guide: The route to Nexus!


This is a very straightforward route and basically involves killing mobs until you find the 1 named mob that you need to enter the Chamber of Guidance, this mob is called:

Agra the Guide

He drops the key to the Chamber of Guidance along with other loot.
Now we come to the last boss Nexus

1: Clear all the mobs in the chamber
2: Tank lure the boss
3:Get your drops
This is the way to do it on Official server.
As for Infinite AioN(where i`m playing) you need key only for Anurati.As for Nexus when it gives that AOE skill move to the other side of the wall(the wall near his location)and you wont take any dmg

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