Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AIon AP farming

I have been testing this out trying to find a way to farm some nice AP. I dont know what you call nice. I have 2 accounts, if you take as many alts into a rift to an easy to get to but hidden location and log them all out in the same spot. Then get on your other account/ faction and take a character over there. ( I am using all lvl 20-30 chars) Log in on a character kisk... have your AP farmer kill him 5 times. once a minute. ONLY 5 times. then log out and back in on another toon.

repeat until all chars are killed 5 times. that will get you at lvl 20 500-700 AP per toon. I use 3 toons right now. so 5minutes get 1500-2100AP. log all your alts off get back on your main for 4 hours or so and bam so it again.

I am going to test later if you can wait an hour, but at the moment because of testing 6 kills My toon is not able to get AP lol.

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Anonymous said...

8-char lvl 20 elyos account vs 8-char lvl 20 asmodian account

You should take all chars of one account to the opposite side but make sure you have kisks with you.

Log on Elyos1 and Asmodian1, kill each other 3 times (not 5, it is 3 per char per day only)

Then it should be like this:

Elyos1 vs Asmodian1
Elyos1 vs Asmodian2
Elyos1 vs Asmodian3
Elyos1 vs Asmodian 8

Now you are done with elyos1 with all asmodians of the opposite account. So lets get Elyos2 now

Elyos2 vs Asmodian1
Elyos2 vs Asmodian2
Elyos2 vs Asmodian8

and once you are done with all chars in both accounts your characters will soon be getting tons of AP.

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