Monday, November 7, 2011

Abyss Elite farming

Lookin to farm some 50 elite balaur or Elyos/Asmo.

Look no further then a perfect grind spot.

Needed -- ranged class ( I use SM)
GO to Asteria Fort and fly to the center platform (There is no Sniper there)

There are no non-elites inside the compound there are Fortress Gallowglasses (Spellcheck)

also on both sides there is a ramp that leads back up to the top. Pull the gallowglass and prepare for a cleave ranged attack. Heal dodge or stone skin if you dont want to get hurt but it will not kill you. After this just run up the ramp and slowly burn this guy down. if he gets close jump back to bottom and keep killing. When he gets back to the bottom root, fear or slow and run back up. This is a nice way to lvl. My SM was 42 killing these 50 elites. All magic acc manastones. 800-1.3mil exp depending on buffs and balaur drops.

Happy AP/XP/Balic grinding.

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