Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Quick Tips for Easy Kinah in Aion

Kinah is the equivalent of gold currency in the new MMO, Aion. When you get started in the game, you will have only a couple of hundred Kinah and then will need to boost your way up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of the little coins so that you can boost your way to the top of the game and get the highest level items out there.

Just your Level 30 wings along will cost you 1 million Kinah and the costs only go up from there, so if you do not properly balance and prepare yourself for everything you need when you get to the top of the leveling chart, you’re going to be very far behind.

1. Choosing the Right Craft

The first thing you will do at Level 10 is choose your craft. That craft can be one of 6 different options including Armorcrafting, Alchemy, Cooking, Tailoring, Handicrafting, or Weaponcrafting. Gathering is just one skill and anyone can use it, so you should make sure to max out your extraction skill as you level -  all the way up to 399 at level 50.

The best professions for Kinah making are the ones that are going to be high in demand at all times. Early in the game’s life span that means Handicrafting, Armorcrafting, Tailoring and Weaponcrafting. However, as more players reach level 50 and start running instances and the Abyss, you will find that Alchemy and Cooking become very popular as well.

2. Using the Private Store Feature Properly

The private store is a very unique, highly effective way to sell of your crafted goods, farmed greens and blues, and all the other rare items you can land while hunting. The best way to use your Private Store though is to specialize in one type of item that you can put all your efforts into farming on. Then, find a good place to set up shop, outside of instances or in various towns and villages and stake out a good time to log on. If you can put yourself in front of eager buyers at the right time, you can make some great profits.

3. Buying and Selling at the Trade Broker

The trade broker is the Aion equivalent of the Auction house and can be a very useful tool for making sales on your items. You get 8 days per listing and it will cost you Kinah to load those items up into the broker. Use the broker to buy up cheap and valuable items and resell them for top profits when they are in higher demand.

This is just one set of ways that you can make serious Kinah in Aion. If you’re truly serious about making some good hard cash in the game, you can also go about getting it by loading up on the different huntable mobs in the game. This might include anything from the rare named mobs in high level areas to the basic drops you can get from any of the Balaur mobs located in the Abyss. Whatever you decide to do, every aspect of your gameplan should revolve around getting more Kinah as fast as possible.

One of the guides for AION that I have found to be the best, is available right here. 

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