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Aion Online Beshmundir Temple Guide

I could not find any English guide, so here's what we found out and bits from other multi language guides. I've skipped the bs and just put down the need-to-know stuffs Understand this, 1st time we did this we had no guide and was a nightmare, no we know how to do everything and where to go, this instance can be done in just over an hour or so if you go the fast route.

(elyos version re quests and so on)

I will keep updating the guide as I get time, please bare in mind I wrote this originally as a basic guide, NOT an OFFICIAL walk through. I am not paid or employed by NCSoft nor do I claim to know everything about BT. I have written this to help not to guide.

Pre Quest= Campaign
QuestChains: Advance Stigma quest obtained from Outremus and Rudra Pre Quest

Any doors you see which you cannot open, it is because you do not have the prequest or you are not far enough through the campaign, stigma, or stormwing quest chains.

Boss 10 is needed kill bosses 1,7,9 to get there and kill the 4 protectors in the rooms around.
Boss 11 is in Alter of Souls and needed a little later
After this you will need to kill bosses 2 and 5

-To get Abhara the Wicked to spawn you need to kill a random number of monuments


NOTE: the Stigma quest splits into two parts after the first 10 or so quests. 1 part for Advanced Stigma, the other to get to StormWing.


Eventually you will need to kill the wonderful Shadowshift boss to get the rod to use on the rift orb after partying with the marvelous Isbariya (10).

So, let me first describe to you the main difference between Safe and Difficult mode: Safe: less mobs, less moves. Difficult: double the mobs pretty much and bosses with either new moves or well, you'll see as I describe later 

Oh and one phrase before you enter you should know: YOU WILL DIE - at some point <3 This isn't DP!

First thing:
ESSENTIALS FOR Beshmundir Temple:
Safe Mode:

-Res Stones (Everyone) both stones to res others and self res stones.
-Mana pots - Lots of.
-Health pots
-Abyss pots
-Good communication

Hard Mode:
-Res Stones (as above)
-Health, Mana pots and obviously Abyssal ones too

Gladiators so it seems cannot tank some of these bosses, too much damage.

Bosses who drop gear / Gear Run: *1-3-6-7-8-14-9-10-15
StormWing/Rudra Gear bosses known to drop:
FlameStorm: Shields (boss 14)
Isbariya: Legs (boss 10)
Dorakiki: Pauldrons (boss 8)
Abhara: Boots (boss 6)
Maccubello: Gloves (boss 3)
Chest Piece: have a guess >.<
Stormwing run: Kill bosses: 1-7-9-10-15 *<< THIS IS ALSO THE BEST RUN TO FINISH THE CAMPAIGN>>

Upon Entering you will zig zag two passages of mobs before finding a room with a boss in the middle. Clear the room of mobs before engaging the boss.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: IF you are doing this late and you're worried about being tired, do bosses 1,7,10 first because these (7 and 10) are the most tiresome on hardmode. Remember you can go back and kill the others afterwards. Killing Isbariya when you are tired is not a good idea ;)

1st Boss: Captain Lakhare

Requires solid healing
Debuffs - which cannot be dispelled
Aoe Submissive - followed by 3-4 more aoe's - just stay away abit
25% = one shot on one person (tank)
There is a move called, CERTAIN DOOM which is massive damage and is what it states. One team mate will die unless the pop cooldowns or resist or evade.

The skill does physical dmg if the tank has full dp he should use nazekan shield, it blocks the attack. (shinji)

All in all, a pretty easy boss just heavily reliant on heals more than anything else.

HARD MODE: Boss will do a pull as well as a lot more damage compared to Easy Mode. Very heavy heals needed.
The chanter must heal too, forget dpsing, since the tank takes a lot more damage than on easy mode.

Raises arms be out of range for 2 - 3 aoe's and then back to boss. Templar try to avoid his pull or you will be taking too much damage.
Doing hard mode without a chanter? Good luck ^^
When Lakhare raises his hands in air, Tank get hit once and then move out of range of the next aoe's then run back in. Saves your healers a lot of mana.

After this boss you will proceed toward your next chosen detination - see the above maps with the numbers corresponding to the bosses below.

Boss needed for campaign quest: 10 - Isbariya. To get there kill boss 1, 7, and 9
2nd Boss: Manadar

Healers and dps from MAX range because this boss sometimes does a aoe knockback followed by a big attack on the tank.
Tank must use remove shock immediatly.

AOE on the traps near the healers, ranged dps and healers stay together. Make sure you kill traps near healers.
Hard Mode: Shock and Stumble traps...
3rd Boss: *Macunbello the Dark Sorcerer

4 minutes to get to this boss via the boats. You should kill everything on this island as fast as you can because if you don't everything will transfer to the next island. When you kill the elite, a boat man will spawn and you go to the next island. This happens 3 times.
The more adds you kill on the island, the easier the boss becomes.

Then kill Macunbello and boss will spawn.
Fast fight, just watch aoe's.

Cleric use Winter Circle.

USE Line Of Sight for the AOE with the pillar. One player kill adds that spawn on the door side, and later when / if adds spawn on side with pillars, get another to kill those. In short, AVOID AT ALL COSTS the AOE with LOS on the pillars, and kill adds.

To be honest, I've never bothered to kill all 3 islands, we've had time, for sure, but just bothered to kill the first 2 islands (hard mode) and left the 3rd island to save time and mana.
Having left the last island, killed the elite and the boss elite and moving to the boss, it's never really been a problem. So if you are short on time or just lazy like me :P leaving the last island isn't such a big problem.

This boss is a piece of cake if you kill the islands ;) if you kill islands his aoe does less than 4k dmg, if you dont, his aoe's do 8k If you don't kill the islands get a ranged dps to tank :)
4th Boss:The Plaguebearer

Need ranged DPS for this boss. 360 aoe, debuffs which cannot be dispelled.

Pretty easy boss.
This boss with do 2 or so different AOE's. Whoever is tanking the boss when the boss aoe's needs to move away from the grp. Adds around the cleric need to be killed as priority and keeping Clothies alive for max dps.
5th Boss: Vehala Curse

AOE Stun which can be avoided by running out of range, tank in corner to make this easier. DPS STOP DPS WHEN TANK IS STUNNED OR RANDOM AGGRO WILL OCCUR.

However when you recieve the quest for him he is a ghost mob and will initiate fear from 100% to 75% then powerful strike and at 25% does 2x powerful strike which becomes heavy on heals needed.

This boss is needed for advanced stigma quests later in the chain

HM he'll also do a fear and in 2.1 this seems to be more frequent - if not, I am blaming Freedom :)
6th Boss: Ahbana the Wicked

This boss only appears after having killed a random number of monuments, these monuments are found in the rooms before Plaguebearer and Manadar.
Debuffs the team every 5-10 seconds for a while. This debuff cannot be dispelled and stops heals.
Make sure the team is full health before this debuff happens. Cleric can use healing wind inbetween debuffs with shield if needed / splender of recovery.
Easy boss, just Cleric needs to time heals correctly.

Similar to Easy, just more damage taken, Clerics and chanters healing tanks and group, time your heals towards the end of the debuff since the time between debuffs in hard mode is LESS you need to be faster.
7th Boss: The Great Virhana

In the room there are statues. Some are monuments some are statues and the rest - assassins, gladiators and so on will aggro. Statues and monuments will not aggro, only the other types.

You can run down one side and only aggro one side or if you need DP you can aggro both sides.

Requirements essential: RES STONES

Boss fight: Now here is the fun part!!!YOU WILL DIE
4000-6000 dmgs -> 30k dmgs
Tip: DPS stand NEXT to boss if you dont you die.
* * *DPS FAST to 50%, becomes a dps race, the faster you kill, the less people die.

Also, will CURSE A RANDOM TEAM MEMBER, team member will INSTANT DIE (unconditional Death) Clerics do NOT waste FLASH on curse member you cannot heal the damage as it is ONE SHOT.
This fight: race dps to 50% then res each person as they die and use res stones when you can whilst dpsing.

Make sure cleric is aware of who is about to be instant pwnd :) so no good heals are wasted.

EASY WAY TO DO BOSS: ULTRA DPS THIS BOSS BEFORE IT EVEN GETS CHANCE TO CURSE! :) We killed it from 100% to 0% before it even did a curse on safe mode. ^_^

HARD MODE: Make sure you have self res stones and res stones for other members - THIS IS A MUST.

MAX DPS to 50% as fast as you can. Use dp, use wow, use scrolls, use food. Just get this boss to 50% before he starts the curses.

Boss will curse 3 people to the easy modes one (or there about). So imagine the fun you will have ;)
DPS from close range or you hit a reflect type mode and will die.

Make sure tanks (gladiators, assasssins, templars) and obviously healers are res'd as priority incase Cleric needs to do a group res at any point when 4 people might be dead.
If this situation does occur, where 4/6 of the group are dead, Cleric use Prayer of Focus, Sage's Wisdon and then Fast Cast Loci. As soon as the members get it, res, avoid the aoe, and cleric group heal.

CHEEKY TIP: If Cleric dies and group is low health, when the cleric resurrects, they can spam a group heal (especially ripple of purification) which will have no cast time and heal the group. ;)

Hard mode this boss is tiring, try to let the chanter res most so that dps can concentrate on killing the boss. The boss will follow a similar pattern (mostly the following), curse, curse, curse, AOE. Sometimes 2 curses to AOE, so watch the boss, and try not to res into the AOE.

However, if you take too long to kill this boss with slow dps, and manage to survive all the curses, he will eventually put reflect shield up again and then you have the count down to the curses again.
8th Boss: Bold Dorakiki

Kill Fillit (or w/e his name is), Kite Chopper, DPS BOSS.
Boss does debuffs on tank - which, what a surprise, cannot be dispelled. The debuffs slow the tank to 3.3 attack speed ! :D

ONE thing: DO NOT LET DPS or HEALERS GET AGGRO only tanks.

Best way:
CC the Sorcerer throughout the fight. (this is the extra mob you see with this boss on Hard Mode.)
Chopper as in Easy mode - kite around away from group.

Don't think our ranger has ever witnessed this fight properly :D

9th Boss: Legendary Warrior Taros / Taros Lifebane

Frontal dmg, tank and spank :)
Tip: DPS stand NEXT to boss if you dont you die.

Save Cd's for 50% when he is enraged. IF you have sm, sm can dispel his buff:)
10th Boss: Isbariya the Resolute
2nd only to Stormwing. 4 phases to this boss
Arcane Confussion: RED
Seething Explosion: BLUE

TIP: Strafe to and from artifacts, whilst you don't NEED to all hit the artifacts, it depends how good your team work is, waiting an extra 50ms for whole group to be in range before activating artifacts is the best way IF you can manage it ;)
Also, Make sure you move as a unit to the artifacts, if you are not there as a group, people will miss the buff for protection against the aoes. Make sure you are in range of the artifact even if you aren't hitting it.

PHASE1: These two attacks, when you see them, attack the corresponding cube. IF you don't you will either get one shotted or have 3 pixels of health left :)
EVERYONE MUST BE IN RANGE WHEN ARTIFACT IS HIT EVEN CLERIC - I bound auto attack and so forth just incase.

PHASE 2: Spirits. Boss will phantom 1 or 2 members of the team. These members must auto attack the souls before the get to boss: essentially - tab - hit - tab - hit. Even cleric if cleric gets transformed.

PHASE 3:BLUE ORBS - kite around or suffer ALOT of damage. Will random aggro one member of the team, and changes aggro during the phase.

Phase 4: DPS - Healing adds: MUST KILL ASAP or they will DRAIN MANA and HP Try to avoid using mana pots when the servants are alive or mana will become a BIG problem in the rest of this phase.

This is one of the Hardest.
Work through the phases as usual BUT let tank DPS and build aggrro for 10-15%, you'll see why in abit.

At 75% or so, you and your team will be dealing with PHASE 1 & PHASE 2 at the same time. Have one person call out which cube to attack so the phantoms know when to move to cubes.

At 50% for a few moments you will have 1, and 3 phases, but possibly phase 2 for a little but will finish gradually then you are left with Phantom grouped members and Blue orbs. Kite them to 30% up top of stairs.

Next, the hard part:
50% as usual kite adds until they change, get artifact buff straight away - no waiting and move (esp Cleric)
30% EVERYONE except melee's move down to the BOTTOM of the STAIRS. Cleric be ready to dispell your melee from fear.
from 27% - 0% you will be doing the following:

Ranged DPS on boss, use pots re mana drain.
Sorry DPS but Cleric is going to be the only killing the HEALING SERVANT (since there is only one) to REMOVE THE MANA DRAIN buff IF they have the debuff, if cleric doesn't have debuff then the chanter kills it. You can kill it with ranged attacks.
The debuff (re dpsers who have the debuff) will drain 7k MP and if yoiu don't have 7k MP it will then drain HP.
After the first fear, EVERYONE is at the bottom of the stairs, using bows or whatever else to dps the boss down with ranged attacks. Cleric can use Salvation for mana is the servants are bugged in the stairs.

So basically its, fast up to artifacts for buffs and then IMMEDIATELY back down the stairs since fear follows the aoe.

Really easy if you do it this way, and doesn't take too long if you have a good ranged dps.

Worst part of this boss on hard mode = 50% to 25%.

P.O.A: I have been informed from Tatari that this boss actually did fear more than once... not too sure if this is a bug or not, BUT I have never seen this. As he stated and as I propose, 25% becomes a dps race to kill him before he does another fear.

HARDMODE VID: This is in 3 parts

11th Boss(Hidden) The Soulcaller - Utra
Drops no loot and is needed for a Quest for greater stigma

He has a 200% reflect Shield, whoever is not paying attention will die.
Earth Retribution = one shot - interrupt it or silence him.
Punishment = reflect.
Speaking of reflect shield: you can take it (SM) and of course, silence can also be interrupted with (Ranger, Sorcerer).
This boss is easy. Your godstones (esp silence) will proc on him alot.
Cleric be ready to dispel melees from tree and so on.
12th Boss (Hidden) Loyal Sulragan/ ShadowShift

Appears only after 11th killed < i.e you recieve the next part in the chain to proceed through the forgotten store room - Which is located on the way to kill Virhana on the right hand side before the room with the boss and the statues< Part of the quest chain to get to StormWing.

This boss is a pain. He does massive damage from the little adds he spawns. When I say massive, I'm talking 4k damage every 2 seconds.... if you have a melee tank it;)

Tank this boss on the top stair with a RANGED DPS ONLY ATTACKING THE BOSS

Tanks and melee attack any orbs than come towards the ranged dps who is tanking the boss. Sorc or ranger should stand in front of the entrance and ranged dps the boss.

This is a slow fight and don't worry if the boss heals.
13th Boss:13th (Hidden) Thurzan

This boss drains mana completely so don't bother using pots.... but this isn't such a problem because this boss also spawns little blue add friends :D 

I don't want to explain this boss in great detail because its easy and I believe what I have said above is plenty ;)

Only thing I will say, is HARD MODE = Fear.
For Hard mode make sure dps have backs to walls so that you don't get feared 6 miles out of the room. Survive the fear, say hi to your little blue friends and continue the fight :)
14th (Hidden) Blue Flame Incinerator / Flarestorm

Needed for quest - obtained from Teressa
Easy mode= Aoe on the adds, get the buff from the ash spell, avoid pressure wave.
Skill to be aware of: ORB OF ANNHILATION - big damage
To stop this insane damage you need to attack the boss after he casts PRESSURE WAVE and get the BUFF which increases darkness resistance (from the ASH skill).

This buff will decrease damage from orb. When the boss casts orb, move 9m back, stop dps and get healed, when boss has finished with pressure wave, move back to boss and attack. Everyone should be close to the boss to get the buff.

When adds spawn (easy mode) get a glad to aoe on them around the boss, on hard mode, reset them out of the room - everyone needs to move out of the room. If you don't reset them on hard mode, you are looking at insta-wipe.
When returning back to the room, wait for orb (this happens every 16s or so) and then start to run back in when you see pressure wave the skill will finish just as you get close so you can continue to the boss.

IF at any point a member of the group doesn't have the buff for resistance they will need to move up the ramp out of range of the aoe and then move back in as described. If the cleric misses the buff, everyone can move up the ramp without resetting the boss ;)

AOE on the Adds around the boss - safe mode.
HM Video (Thanks to stok 0123 for posting on yt)

NOTE: EASY MODE the skill to get SHROUD OF ASH has a cast time, on HARDMODE - it is instant cast and has NO CAST TIME, just know it is the skill AFTER pressure wave.
Drops really nice head gear for classes (like the dp ones)

You do not need to leave the room when you have the ash buff. Save time and DPS at this point move back 8m or so for pressure wave and so on.

Easy Mode:
This pretty looking dragon spawns tornados. These hurt and should be avoided IF near boss when aoe goes off.
Tried and tested:
100% to 50% the more dps the boss recieves the more tornados... so easiest thing to do is to let the tank do dps.
At 50% you get a big aoe 20-25m range everyone should move out of the way, Dragon Quake is the name.
Most important players in this fight are Healers and Tank. Best thing to do, is for people to jump in tornados to stop cleric from being lifted.
We had sin and glad jumping in tornados who got close to healers, they took not much damage and stopped the healers being lifted. Once someone gets lifted into a tornado, it also makes the tornado change path.

50% to 35% is dps race before the next big aoe.
Also Volcanic storm - watch this, its an area affect and hurts.
Tank this boss on the edge where the tornados do not pat.
Watch his aoe's and stuns and ofcourse avoid the tornados.

Hard Mode:
Starts aoe's and tornado spawn way way way earlier ;)
As above but increase damage and so forth.
This boss has only been killed in Korea using a bug - which has been fixed now.

DPS but 1 must be ranged if you want to kill all bosses.
Since 2.1, Gear isn't a problem ;)
Hard Mode is essentially a higher drop rate for the gold items and also the chance for Eternal Drops.
Comparison of Difficulty with Dark Poeta:
S Rank Tahabata is nothing compared to some of these Hard Mode bosses especially Hard Mode Isbariya

Special thanks to everyone who put with with learning new bosses where guides didn't exist and taking the time to learn with me :)
Crystal(Ranger), Ferix(Slacker), Pakko(Chanter), Bloodseeker(Templar), Pesmerga(Templar), Taro(Gladiator), Zuri(Sorcerer), Lenia(Sorcerer), Konina(Sorcerer), Killa (Gladiator), Igorok(Chanter), Pseud(Spiritmaster) and Adeon(Gladiator)

Credit to Kor site for maps.

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