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Aion Online PvP Guide

Aion is a PVP game, hands down. PvE content is there but you will quickly grow tired of the game if you focus merely on the PvE Aspect of the game. All great pvpers have ONE thing in common, miragents.

Just joking, miragent's was not the answer! While gear is definitely important, it pales in comparison to a skilled pvper. With the help of some of the other big pvpers in the legion, I've decided to throw together some tips/tricks and strategies for people to better themselves at PVP. Keep in mind, everything in pvp is situational and your ability to adapt and apply with be key in your success (or failure) when it comes to the implementation of any of these tricks/tips. So lets begin:

1.) PVP jitters. This is the biggest problem I see with "fresh" pvpers. When a fight is about to begin, the jitters begin. It's true of any game, and it's detrimental. Nerves are hard to fight, but you should definitely find a way to relax yourself before you try to get anywhere as a pvper. Nobody will get mad at you for messing up, pvp is fun, relax and focus! The quicker thinking and quicker adapting team always wins!

- Tips -

Flight Lines and wtfninja's getting away.
At 50 in semi decent gear, you should easily be flight speed capped. (16 is cap). So why then, are these people you are face raping getting away? I mean, you are both at cap, and he's still escaping? Flight lines: The statement "The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line" applies ten fold in aion.
There are 2 key things you need to be aware of:
  • If he turns sharper then you, he will gain distance on you.
  • If you turn when he does not, he will gain distance on you.

There's the obvious reasons of distance/time of course, but ncsoft throws us a curve ball by amplifying the fact. When you turn, strafe, gain altitude, or drop altitude in aion, your flight speed is reduced. so while you may have 16 in a straight line, pressing "r" or "f" or "q" or "e" does in fact reduce your flight speed to lower then 16. When giving chase you want to fly as straight as possible while he flies straight and while he turns, you want to turn sharper and faster (don't over do it). If he begins gradually banking left, you turn sharper left and then straight to cut him off mid turn. It takes practice, but when you get used to it people become a lot easier to catch!

Your target is too far away, your target is too far away.
This thing sucks. The only things you can do to try and get around it are:

  • Carry a bow. (glads/sins) Autoshoot while you chase, stay within bow range and keep auto shooting. Crits from a bow can stun, which can give you valuable seconds to catch up.
  • Don't get too eager. The urge to hit your target may well up inside you like a bad burrito, but hold off on those skills and wait until you get AHEAD of your target before you unleash hell.
Roping bulls and running away.
For any class, the worst thing to have happen in mass pvp, or while you are running is the dreaded Templar lasso. Nothing sucks more then going for a quick ride into a group of horny asmo's with your sweet clean ass unprotected. Carry shock scrolls. I see far to many people without them, and perhaps it's because they don't understand their true value, they resist IJ. When baiting or pushing as a dps you should have a shock scroll up, when it goes down, you get out. When Moving in to make a pull as a Templar, you need a scroll up, when it goes down, get out. Nothing is better feeling then seeing that shiny silver rope coming at you and having your char not move and watching the enemies Templar cry at his IJ cool down and nothing to show for it.

Narcotics and how to abuse them.
Healing potions (Not life potions) are the greatest thing in the world! (next to a certain breed of puppies that live in sweaters) They get you out of root, silence, dots and much more! Carry them and use them wisely. But even more then learning to use them effectively, is the importance of knowing how to beat them! Greater healing potions remove the first 2 debuffs from a target (1st meaning the 1st applied). Stacking debuffs properly can make or break a duel or pvp encounter.

Fighting a sorc, you have wind cut down, flame cage, and silence. Which is most detrimental to the enemy sorc? Obviously silence completely destroys the sorcs usefulness on every front. But what good is it if he just pots out? If we silence him then dot him, he will healing pot and lose silence and 1 dot, while the other remains. However, if we dot him twice then silence him, his greater healing pot will remove both dots but he will remain silenced. See what I mean =)? Always provide padding for your most important effects, silence, root, festering wound ect. ect. Make sure you have 2 debuffs to pad whatever effect can win you the battle.

If you notice while you're moving, around your character in the HUD, these cool little arrows appear. Convenient isn't it? Just in case you forget you are currently moving forward Ncsoft will remind you! No, that's not what they are for. They are infact "Stat manipulation" indicators. Yeah, so basically movement in different directions affects your stats differently!

Forward movement:
  • +10% Physical Damage
  • +10% Magic Damage
  • -20% Physical Defense
  • -20% Magic Defense
Backwards movement:
  • +500% to Parry
  • +500% to Block
  • -70% Physical Damage
  • -40% Movement Speed

  • +300% to Evasion
  • -70% Physical Damage
  • -20% Movement Speed

The changes are significant, this is part of the reason "Jump shots" are so effective for archers. By canceling the animation on impact with the ground, they can receive the 10% damage buff for their skills as well. Templar's can also tank while backing into a wall to gain +500% block/parry.

Asmodar WeeEoOoo WeEEeEoOo
Using a special chat box, you can detect enemy Asmodian's before you can even see them!

Create a new Chat Tab. Chat Preferences Menu -> Add Tab
Name the new tab "Asmo Radar"
Drag the tab away from your chat window so it makes a new window.
Go into the Tab Options. Under "Combat - Others", turn off all except the 5 message types for "Enemy's..."
Position and size the window so it does not block anything else. It does not have to be large, as it will be faded most of the time.
You will see white text whenever an Asmodian is in the area!

Fear is the bane of any class. Nothing sucks more then being fear locked for a whole fight (Well I can think of things that suck more but I dun wanna get in trouble). so learn to glide! If you are mid glide while a fear hits, you automatically resist the fear. It takes practice, but glide canceling as an SM tries to fear shriek you can be a god send!

For those SM's cussing at me for this, learn to fear bait as a counter. Start casting a fear, when you see them glide, cancel the cast and then recast! confuse them!

Blue hands are bad for your health.
In any large scale or small scale pvp, situational awareness is a necessary skill. Sorcs and SM's are the key targets you have the ability to react to, and Ncsoft has done us a favor with their skill animations. Supplication of Focus, Sleep, Tree, and fear all share "blueish" color to their animations. When you see them, GTFO 35 Meters or silence!

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