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[4.0] Patch Notes resume and minor updates for 2013

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by Haeresis

As we said before, many stuffs won’t be released today in 4.0. The 4.0 will be divided in 3 parts, so far, they released only the follow items:

Gunner ClassNew Lv cap: 65More character slot (6 -> 7)New SkillsNew Battlefield: KatalamNew SiegeNew Abyssal ItemsUI Changes

All we posted about 4.0 so far, as been released too, LESS the Bard/Troubadour.


And the Bard class? Won’t be released?

The Bard will be released in a minor updated on (M/D/Y) 01/16/2013, in Korea this update name is Song of the Battlefield.

The same will happen to the Mecha, this one will be released on the first semester of 2013… this update name is Katalam Invasion.


Many players are thinking the Gunner/Gunslinger is a third way of Scout, but no. You start a new class, in Korea called Technician using a Cannon as weapon, then at Lv 9 you can change ur class and get a skill to use Dual Guns. Lets say… Gunner -> Gunslinger.

And the class name, Tecchnician, makes me think another thing too. All primary classes on game (Warrior, Scout, Mage, Priest) have two second classes to chose and for sure it won’t be different with the new classes. The Rider/Mecha class can probably be the second choice for the Techinian (Gunner) and maybe in the fuuuuuuuuture they can add a Dancer as second choice for the Bard.


And that’s all!

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