Saturday, December 29, 2012

Information about Siege in the Mountain Fortress

When siege starts in the new 4.0 update, different tactis must be used to capture the fort, today we will see a few from the Mountain Fortress.

This will be one of the most intense siege of Katalam, in the north region.

You will have two paths to follow, barricades and Howitzer* will be on both paths, so decide wich one is the less difficult to enter. To move up in the mountains, you need to kill the Howitzer* and destroy the barricades. Howitzer* have lots of HP and have range attacks. Inside, you will have 5 teleportation devices to move free around the mountain, so be sure to use them for your advantage.

More information will be provided later, this is only the tip of the ice ^_^

*Howitzer = Name may change once it hits NA servers


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