Wednesday, January 9, 2013

patch 4.0 New Cabinet

New Cabinet

Excited to hear we will get a new cabinet with 135 slots?

Example: 9 spaces = 3 different cabinets, 18 spaces = 3 different cabinets, 27 spaces = 2 different cabinets equals 135.

Are you looking for more space(?) this will be a great advantage.

Three new kind of drawers.
Purchase with guestbloom.
Permanently available.

Where to find and buy the new cabinet drawers?
Here below you will find the location where to buy them.

Elyos NPC where to purchase.

Asmodian NPC where to purchase.

Pictures of the “three” new drawers available.

Antique Look.

Log Look.

Marble Look.

If the cabinet is from a different type of material, it wont hold the same items in them.

This picture below you will find a simple explanation.

Let’s say the first left three cabinets occupied the same space as it’s highlighted in yellow, then on the right side you see two cabinets they occupied same space highlighted in red.

Crafting drawers using furniture manufacture. [Time to get Construction skill up everyone!]

Most of the drawers are made from manufacturing this is where construction comes in handy.

You need 300p/400p to make a 9 spacious cabinets different names for each faction.

You need 500p to make 18 spacious cabinets different names for each faction.

Unfortunately we can’t craft the cabinet that holds 27 spaces you can only get it from the Innocent Aris Cabinet and Event cabinets, you can also get the cabinets from the online store.

(Names of cabinets unavailable.)

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