Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Patch 4.0: New Designs

Do you want those mythical weapons so much, but don’t have luck in Dragon Lords Refuge? Well get ready to lvl up your crafting because there will be new recipes for you ^_^

You will need 121 Ancient coins, and you can only buy this designs from an NPC that’s under Katalam, this NPC will have designs for weapons.

And this are how they will look

There are designs for Headgear and Shield, for 81 coins.

The price for the armor will be 60 and 40 coins

And they will look like this:

There is going to be designs to craft the new item for the Eddy system, which will cost 18 coins:

To craft godstones you will need 18 coins to buy the design:

You will also have the design to craft the new composite manastones, for 18 coins:

And Many more designs to create Balic items as well as accessories and items, so start lvling your crafting skill because you will need to get ready when 4.0 hits NA servers, have fun ^_^

Source: plaync

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