Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Can You Gamble In Aion?

A lot of people enjoy online gambling. It’s considered a type of online gaming. So it just makes sense that people who like other online gaming like MMORPGs may also like online gaming. There’s just bound to be some crossover there, right?

If you think about it, MMOs are in their very nature, gambling. You leave many things to chance such as drop rates, damage counters and more. Think about how many times you have done a dungeon run just hoping you’d get lucky and get that drop you wanted. If there were others in the party who also wanted it, you’d have to also hope you’d be lucky enough to win if it did drop. Yes, MMOs are definitely a game of chance and Aion is no different. How much different would it be to go ahead and add some actual gambling and games to the game?

While you can’t gamble in Aion the way you can in an online live casino like leo vegas, you will find some people who like to incorporate it into the game the same as they do in other MMORPGs. Usually this is done through addons or through private chats between two players, or a group of players. This is not sanctioned or moderated by the game devs and in some games can even get you banned so be careful about certain activities and if you choose to be open about them.

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