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Aion Excel Crafting Database

For years, several friends and I have made major leaps in the organization and profiteering off the system of morphing Aether into other materials and crafting them into sellable products. We have long thought about making some fancy post detailing our strategy as we rarely play the game anymore. At this point, I may log in once a week or so and the rest of my friends are long gone so I have decided to share a link and possibly outline more of what we did in future posts as my time/effort allows.

The basic concept is this (*Updates have changed how this works): Make a new account Level up all characters to level 10 and buy morphing designs Make a legion for all these characters to join and share TONS of aether (mostly Pure Magical Aether) and DP Jellies Log In/Out of each character and morph 15+ times per hour

Example math below: Let's take "Fine Mana Potions" for example. It costs 6,371 kinah each time to craft, and makes 3 potions, which are worth 9,000 each so that means you get 27,000 worth of potions or you profit 6,876 each potion you sell.

Each time you have 4k DP and morph 20x you make enough Fresh Hintera (has to be right clicked into normal) to craft 180 Fine Mana Potions

So if you profit 6,876 x 180 potions you make 1,208,653 kinah per 4k DP.

Now is where multiplication really helps out. Take the 8 characters all level 10 and load them with aether jellies on a 30 minute cooldown, which means you can morph 16 times every hour.

So 1,208,653 x 16 = 19,338,449 kinah profit per hour of morphing.

There are 24 hours in each day (before your account is timed out and has to be relogged) so: 24 hours x 19,338,449 per hour = 464,122,794 each day!

This means just from making mana potions, you can make just over 450 million kinah a day PER account.

I actually used two different accounts each with 8 characters level 10 so I was making twice that every single day, from sitting in town buying aether on the trade broker, morphing, crafting, and selling the potions/scrolls!

The excel sheet is available so you can take the numbers and use them for whatever purpose you wish and can multiple by whatever resources you have and it can give you a better estimate of how much kinah you can make with whatever strategy you want to use.

Disclaimer The prices are not updated on the sheet I linked and may not be the same on whatever server you play on. The details on how to morph every hour on the hour for 24 hours are intentionally left out (Sorry!)

Being able to morph in such massive amounts allowed us to use other separate accounts to literally craft 24 hours a day 7 days a week due to the supply of materials. We actually leveled up over 10 characters from level 10 - 65 from the small XP from each craft.

With such massive amounts of materials and crafting, we always thought it would be a great idea to keep track (accurately) of what we were making, how many we had in stock, and how much profit we were making for each morph. To do this, we made a very extremely detailed excel sheet (which remains private) but I have made a copy of one section of the excel sheet in which I am finally wanting to share.

Details on how the excel sheet works:

1) Shows materials/designs for most all (profitable in bulk) cooking and alchemy recipes.

2) Everything is color coded and the colors mean something.

3) Details the cost of certain items from the NPC

4) Only two categories of boxes should be updated in prices: aether (detailed below) and the purple box under each recipe. The purple box is based on in-game Trade Broker pricing and should be updated to current day server based pricing.

5) On the far right there is a legend, this legend is very important. Whenever the prices of aether are updated/changed the ENTIRE excel sheet will update pricing. Aether prices must be changed manually and are based on the in-game Trade Broker prices.

6) The sheet outlines how many products can be made from each single morph (1 morph = 20 morphs = 4k DP). This means when it says 1 jelly = X it is saying how many of that item you'll make each time you morph 20 times. Furthermore, the "Total Profit" which is highlighted in green details the profit of these mentioned 20 morphs if you craft the items and sell at the purple box price on the broker. (This includes broker fees and every detail)

7) The "If you sell x stacks on broker" just multiples this profit to common stack amounts that at one time were posted on the broker. This is somewhat outdated by the now splitable stacks method of posting on the broker but can be changed to see your profit over larger item sells.

There are many more details and reasons for different things/categories on this sheet and if you do ever try to use it for any reason and have questions/suggestions/ideas on both how to use it and/or update it for the better, please feel free to comment below. Maybe in the future I can copy some of the other tabs on my private excel and include them in the public link. Any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. I apologize for not putting forth more effort/details and outlining these methods years ago.

The link:

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