Saturday, February 20, 2016

Aion EU: Forced Transfers and Patch 4.9

This week’s maintenance took place on February 17 for the European servers of Aion by Gameforge and the forced transfers arrived right on time. Gameforge also revealed some good news about 4.9 recently.

Hope you guys managed to survive the extended maintenance on Wednesday that ended in the evening, and Gameforge must have had plenty of tasks to get through. As promised earlier on, those who did not transfer their character’s from merged servers where they had both Elyos and Asmodian characters were now automatically transferred. The race restrictions, however, are not yet disabled in order to prevent players from being unable to access their characters.

The server merges seem to have concluded successfully and Aion’s community was compensated for the drastic drops in ranks. Hopefully, over time, the newly merged servers will manage to get along and the conflicts betweendifferent nationalities will fade away.

Gameforge has recently posted the 4.9 Patch Notes, indicating that the long-awaited update will soon take place. On Twitter, they have revealed that the 4.9 Patch titled Omen of Change will arrive on February 24 which is just a few days away. Here is how Patch 4.9 will reshape Aion.

Official 4.9 Notes by Gameforge

Changes within the Abyss
  • The Abyss core and the Divine Fortress can no longer be entered.
  • The Asteria Fortress and the Roah Fortress have been destroyed.
  • The Upper Abyss now has 12 new garrisons and 4 artefacts.
  • The garrison and artefact NPCs now offer weekly quests which are rewarded with Battle Medals and Insignia of Honour. You can only get Insignia of Honour in the Abyss.
  • Both factions receive an additional outpost in the Upper Abyss: the Tokanu Landing Site (Asmodian) and the Magos Landing Site (Elyos).
  • Treasure chamber instances in the Upper Abyss (inclusive Asteria and Roah) for players from level 45 will be moved to the Lower Abyss and will receive new names.
  • The treasure chamber instances for the Upper Abyss for players from level 65 can only be entered in the Upper Abyss.

Pangea Changes
  • A new portal has been added that enables players to participate who are not represented in the Upper Abyss rankings. However the Battle for Pangaea remains limited to a total of 100 slots.
  • The portal appears after the start of the Pangaea fortress battle and serves to fill the remaining open slots.

“To prevent a spread of the Ereshkigal Legion, both factions have increased their defences in the Upper Abyss,” says the official post. “At the same time, in the Lower Abyss, a mighty mass of land is appearing: the Stormy Isles. The Balaur are seizing their chance and have stationed their armies at this strategic location.”

All of the above will arrive with Patch 4.9 in just a few days and we really hope all your characters survived the server merges and the forced transfers. Tell us your experiences with the new servers and communities in AionEU and whether the merges improved the game in general.

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