Thursday, February 18, 2016


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Yesterday, 17th June 2015, update 4.75 has gone live on the European servers and in doing so, a new milestone has been reached in the history of AION Free-to-Play!

All this and much more awaits:

Refuge of Returnees:
This special place welcomes all Daevas who have not logged in for at least 30 days. Here, they not only receive helpful items for their continuing journey, but they also will be sent on missions by Dispatch Officers in the region, who require their assistance.

Antriksha's Ascension Site:
In Pangaea the gates to Antriksha's Ascension Site will in future regularly open for up to 400 players at once. Stop Antriksha's transformation into a dragon and defeat him, together with your allies, before it is too late!

Adjustments to manastones/enchantment stones:
In future when a socketing fails, only the manastone being used on the item will be destroyed. All of the already socketed stones will remain intact.
In addition, the levels of the enchantment stones have been adjusted. Now there are only stones from levels 1 to 5.

Equipment Evolution:
This system allows for the improvement of items past their maximum enchantment level. To find out how it works and what other changes the update is bringing, take a look in the patch notes.

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