Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aion EU Improved by Third-Party DPS Meter?

Aion is an MMORPG that has been struggling from plenty of so-called hackers, who used various free and premium programs to gain an advantage over others.

The NCSoft-built Korean game sadly lacks proper anti-cheat measures and many of the European players decided to play on the NA servers because of this. It was not uncommon to see players altering attacking speed values or simply playing without animations (NoAnim). This gave most of the playable classes a huge advantage in PvP fights and also noticeably increased the overall DPS in PvE

The recent arrival of a new third-party DPS meter called aiDPSMeter was so good at spotting cheaters, that Gameforge began to accept it as proof when dealing with player reports. The Animation Speed mode of aiDPSMeter basically detects impossible animation speed values of nearby players and marks them with an orange color.

According to the developers, “Client calculates motion time for each skill use and sends it to server. Server sends motion time to all nearby players. There are few issues to calculate base motion time. Client calculates time for ranged skills assum of skill animation time and shot animation time.” They also added that there are some rare cases where the aiDPSMeter falsely highlights values.

Sadly, the current version only works for the following classes:
  • · Assassin
  • · Ranger
  • · Gunner
  • · Gladiator
  • · Templar

This leaves a few more classes that are still undetected, and yet gain a huge advantage from lower animation times like the Aethertech and the Bard (Songweaver). Nevertheless, the number of cheaters has clearly declined and many of them have been detected thanks to aiDPSMeter. This third-party program could be the key to the survival of Aion EU as the game would surely be more popular if there were fewer cheaters around to create an imbalance.

It is not unlikely that Gameforge will work together in the future with the developers of aiDPSMeter in order to figure out how to detect the other classes of Aion. If you would like to try out this third-party DPS meter and use it to spot the cheaters, head over to the official page where it can be downloaded for free.

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