Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Broken Hearts Event 2017

No Daeva should spend this time of the year with a broken heart. Venture out and collect heart pices from instances to spell LOVE. Combining these pieces will give you a Mended Heart which yields lovely prizes! Heart pieces are also tradeable so you can even give them to someone special!


Instance monsters will have a chance to drop Broken Heart Boxes. These boxes will give you a random heart piece, with the Broken Heart: E being slightly rarer. Combine the four required pieces to spell LOVE and create the Mended Heart. Open the Heart for a random reward.

Broken Heart Boxes and the Broken Heart: E are available on the store. You can also purchase one Broken Heart Box every day during the event for 1 NCoin.


Mobs from the following instance will have a chance to drop Broken Heart Boxes.

Rentus Base

Tiamat Stronghold

Raksang Ruins

Dragon Lord's Refuge

Hidden Kysis Barracks

Hidden Miren Barracks

Hidden Krotan

Danuar Sanctuary

Ophidan Bridge

Linkgate Foundry

Sealed Danuar Mysticarium

Danuar Reliquary

Illuminary Obelisk

Seized Danuar Sanctuary

Sauro Supply Base

Infernal Danuar Reliquary

Infernal Illuminary Obelisk

Occupied Rentus Base

Drakenspire Depths

Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge

Infinity Shard

The Eternal Bastion

Archives of Eternity

Drakenseer's Lair

Adma's Fall

Theobomos Test Chamber

Cradle of Eternity

Fallen Poeta

Fissure of Oblivion


Collect and combine the four heart pieces from the Broken Heart Boxes to make a Mended Heart. Open the Mended Heart for one of the the following prizes:

Enchantment Stone Dust (x500)

Plastic Surgery Ticket

Level Reduction Stone

Berdin's Lucky Star

Skill Boost Reassignment Scroll

Ancient Coin (x20)

Blood Mark (x10)

Blood Medal x10

Tempering Solution

Omega Enchantment Stone

Upgraded Blessed Recovery Serum Bundle

Major Ancient Crown

Harehood Costume

Enamored Tiger Transformation Candy Box

Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic)

+6 Manastone Bundle

[Event] Daevanion Armor Box

[Event] Daevanion Weapon Box

Stigma Sack

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Eternal) (x2)

Large Greater Supplements Bag (Mythic) (x2)

Repair these broken hearts today and take home some prizes. Event begins after maintenance on February 1 and ends February 15, 2017.

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